Mac Miller Kills the Vibe at RARE Orlando

rare310,000 people showed up for Carnage’s RARE Orlando event last Saturday, October 15 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Spirits we high and the energy was raging for the beginning sets. Besides for a little bit of expected Florida rain, the conditions were right on for the outdoor festivities.

Say My Name received major love

from the crowd at RARE.

Slushii rocked the stage with his colorful set. His sounds were bright and his personality shined, especially when he got on the mic. The Mello Gang seriously turned up for the man in the mask. It was evident he was the crowd favorite by show of Marshmello costumes alone. It was cool to see people expressing their creative side through handmade apparel.rare6

Unfortunately, the energy took a nose dive when Mac Miller hit the stage. It was a whole different vibe and people were not amused. The people who were so energetically hopping around for all the previous sets stood completely still. Cell phones were out and faces glued to the screens. There seemed to be more attention given to the fact that Ariana Grande was backstage than attention given to what was going on with Mac Miller. He might be an awesome performer but no way should he have followed Marshmello’s set. He would have been received way better if Say My Name and he were switched up on the schedule.

Carnage attempted to revive the crowd, though it felt different because there had been such a long gap in between the electronic jams. People came around though. Hands returned to the air, the mosh pit started back up, and led lights strobed on cue.

“His music sounded like robots having sex.”

–One of funniest comments made about Carnage’s set!

rare2There was tons of hype about the after party which took place downtown at Venue 578. Alliance Events & AEG paired up to deliver an extension of the party. You never really know who is showing up to play these “Official After Parties” but these promoters didn’t disappoint the packed club. Carnage came through for all the peeps and the evening ended on a blissful  note!