Meaningful Advise

Okay so I haven’t fallen asleep yet, and I wanted to share a special moment for me that just happened.

I split my pants yesterday.  The partying, drinking, food bingeing, does take a tole on the body if you don’t work out… unless you were gifted with an amazing metabolism (f you if that applies).  I can be a bit of a lush. We only live once.  Which is exactly why we should always take care of ourselves.

I shared my pants splitting moment with a new friend.  He shared with me some very kind words which I really want to use as motivation to avoid destroying any more clothes.

He said:

“So use that as motivation and work out because you want to be everything you can be.  You’re very pretty and you should honor your beauty with the way you treat yourself.  Just do it.  Be the whole package.  Because you can.”

How beautifully worded.

He’s right.  That applies to girls and guys.  It’s easy to forget our self-worth at times.  We need to remember we are worthy of nothing but the BEST.  Time to change the direction of this plummeting life moment. pants blog