Mello Gang Socks

mello gang socks

First off, these girls are to-die-for in these fabulous hand-made Mello Gang outfits! How cute right?!?! (Shout out @courtneymccall).

Pairing your handmade creations with basic accessories is COMMON KNOWLEGDE!! I love how these girls just get it.

If you are designing a custom costume for an EDM event and need a few basic pieces to pull it together, take note from these ladies. Just in case you missed it, their thigh-high socks can be purchased at Walmart. Yes, Walmart.

Ballin on a budget – did ya hear?!?!

EDM Black Stripe Thigh High Tube SocksClick HERE or on the pic to view the thigh-high sock options ($8.99) for your next wardrobe masterpiece.

Happy Shopping Socialites,