Miami Music Week EDM Style Guide by Samantha

Miami Music Week EDM Style Guide by Samantha

Anddddd we’re live in 3…2..1, with my Miami Music Week EDM Style Guide

Oh yes, Sister’s back and better than ever. If I could see you through the screen I would be saying to you’re beautiful face, “You’re killing it right now!” I know you’ve taken every week’s EDM Style Guide tips and turned them into your own, which is exactly my mission. You’re fixated on denim shorts, yellow vintage tees, leather jackets and most importantly, boyfriend jeans.  This week I’ve been putting together recipes for dope Miami Music Week outfits. I’ve found the perfect ingredients for all of the events, including Ultra Music Festival. I’m infatuated with everything I’m about to show you, even more then Kanye West is with himself.

You’re outfit is your song and you’re on my Billboard Top 100… still number one and Sister couldn’t be more proud. Every week I hope you’re taking notes on some of your favorite looks because I’m absolutely living for your festival looks this season and what you’re catapulting in before heading to see a set by your favorite DJ.

I hope you remember the promise we made a few weeks ago. We’re not filling our wardrobe anymore with typical Italian Christening colors, aka BLACK and WHITE. We want to be a little risque and heighten your Miami impression with some vivid colors to make a statement that’ll be impossible to forget. I found some mustsssss for your electric wardrobe. I’m telling you, the brighter the better this week!

Besides brightening up the dance floor, you’ll brighten up your smile too.

Petite Hot Pink Vinyl Mini SkirtUgh, I’m alive for looks like THIS. With your beauty and this Petite Hot Pink Vinyl Mini Skirt, you’re no doubt standing out from the rest of the crowd. This glam mini skirt along with your favorite vintage tee, tucked or tied, is going to be the outfit you’re dreaming about wearing before Ultra. What? You aren’t fantasizing about your outfits? Than you’re doing it all wrong because I’m nodding-off in the middle of my days thinking about all the options that I can put together with this mini skirt.

Petite Hot Pink Vinyl Mini Skirt $25.00

Green High Waisted Jacquard ShortsThese absolutely darling shorts are going to elevate any look at Miami Music Week. In the ideal shade of green, you’re sure to be charming everyone around you. These are blogger worthy and approved by Sister. Style these Green High Waisted Jacquard Shorts with a little white crop top and it’ll give you that cute feminine look we’re all in the mood for once in a while. Ultra Music Festival is here and these shorts are a perfect fit. The color and fit create a look to die for.

Green High Waisted Jacquard Shorts $26.00

Blue Cropped Iridescent Pocket Detail Rain MacRain or shine, this is mandatory to the operation. This Blue Cropped Iridescent Pocket Detail Rain Mac is a look to slay in when you’re dancing the day away in a metallic blue worth living for. I’m thinking the comfiest high waisted shorts you own and some lace up boots? I’m crushing on this jacket right now since it’ll keep your hair perfect, even if the weather tries to fight you on that.

Blue Cropped Iridescent Pocket Detail Rain Mac $38.00

Petite Bright Green Pleated Split Wide Leg TrousersThese Petite Bright Green Pleated Split Wide Leg Trousers are I-N-S-A-N-E, just like your killer legs. I’m hooked on fun pants and these are definitely a pair of those. Perfect for showing off those amazing legs that mama gave you, these babes are surely the ones to get you noticed.  They also are slit in the right spots to flatter you! The second you’re ready to sport these trousers, you’ve changed the game and made it yours.

Petite Bright Green Pleated Split Wide Leg Trousers $15.00

Fuchsia Strappy Cupped Lace BodysuitYASSSS. The brighter, the better. I’ll have to agree with what I wrote above: You’re killing it right now! It’s so true. If I had any desire to get more tattoos, I’d tat that right on. Doesn’t matter what DJ you’re shuffling to, you’ll be shocking all of Miami in this Fuchsia Strappy Cupped Lace Bodysuit. Set your heart on this because it goes well with athleisure pants and a pair of classic vans, or jean shorts with the highest booties you own. Beach party, nightclub, festival, or whatever venue you step into, wearing this bodysuit will set the scene on fire!

Fuchsia Strappy Cupped Lace Bodysuit $25.00

Don’t be upset, I’ll be back next week. Until then, I’m counting on you to think of all the pieces you’re going to team with these to make them a look of your own. It’s not the colors, fits or fabrics that make them perfect, it’s you. I’m getting ultimate feels from this Miami Music Week EDM Style Guide, and you better be too! Dress them up or down, you know Sister approves. This is your fashion world, I’m LIVING to be in it watching you slayyyyyy.

Keep killing it, Sister taught you well

Until next week,

~Samantha Hogya

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Denim on Denim ~ EDM Style Guide by Samantha