No Such Thing as Too Much Fashion ~ EDM Style Guide by Samantha

EDM Style Guide by Samantha Hogya

Why be basic when you don’t have to be? It’s 2018, time to start doing the most. This week’s EDM Style Guide will have you lookin like a whole snack.  It’s almost March, which means Ultra Music Festival is approaching and so many other of the best festivals and shows.  Start planning outfits now, because if you’re not booking looks before booking flights, are you even really going?

Extra, Like Guac

If I had a dollar for every time someone said my outfit was too much, I’d be able to buy out Tomorrowland for the rest of my lifetime AND have enough change to throw at Coachella. Not gonna lie, I used to hate it. But now, sister over here embraces it!  Too much style is like receiving too much guac on your burrito bowl at Chipotle. Yassssssss, I’m all about EXTRA goodness in life!

Continue to keep up with me and I’ll put you on to the best style for this festival season. As I continue to educate you at the University of Sam’s EDM Style (with fully paid scholarship), you should be shopping and sharing with your friends.  Spreading this semester’s fashion knowledge, learned from yours truly, is your additional assignment. Remember, you can’t be the only fire, you need to be surrounded by flames too.

Make “extra” your middle name with the following fashion features.

Black Checker Board Low Scoop Bikini TopJust like Camo, anything checkered is the new wave. I’m telling you that checkered vibes are resuscitating fashion life right now. If you don’t already have enough checkered pieces to dress all of the United States and half of Canada, than you better start with this cutie. I’m obsessed with this top right now, you should be too. Even though it’s a bathing suit top, it pairs perfectly with your favorite pants. It’s simple, yet it’s definitely doing the most as a low scoop top and adds just a sprinkle of scandal to your night. With this Black Checker Board Low Scoop Bikini Topyou’ll capture the attention of everyone!

Black Checker Board Low Scoop Bikini Top $18.00

Black Popper Cuff JoggersSister, you guessed it. You were right. Slits. are. everything. You know those nights when all your friends are wearing dresses, skirts, shorts, etc., and you’re really just feeling pants but they aren’t seeming to be enough? Add these babes to your wardrobe and next time that happens, you know these will be more than enough. They cuff at the bottom so you can throw on your favorite kicks or booties (perhaps your docs?!) and you’ll be SERVING looks on a silver platter. These Black Popper Cuff Joggers are a must have for those shows you added to your calendar and need something fuego to wear. Tell me you don’t already imagine everyone drooling over these pants? I only had a glance at these and I drooled like a baby teething for the first time.

Black Popper Cuff Joggers $35.00

Black Patent BackpackI have to admit, I haven’t always been a fan of backpacks. In fact, I actually hated backpacks until now. Yes, I was that freshman on campus carrying a pile of books 2 miles across campus, drenched in my own sweat because I refused to ever use a backpack.  But now I need one in every color to match every piece in my wardrobe. Not just is this Black Patent Backpack the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, it’s also patent, and I LOVE patent.  So you do too. If you didn’t know now, patent is a need. Yes, yes, yes. It’ll never get old (or dirty). You can throw in all of your essentials before jetting off to see your favorite DJ without having to worry that you’ll loose your bag because it’s strapped on your shoulders. If you’re like me, thzn you loose everything and a bag is one of those every things. Definitely a staple of your collection that’ll be totally worth it that won’t break your bank.

Black Patent Backpack $35.00

Black Ruffle Cropped Denim JacketHot? Cold? I don’t care, sister’s wearing denim. High key denim vibes always! I’ll be wearing a denim jacket in the dead of the summer, 90* at a festival with thousands of sweaty bodies and not care because I need to have my denim. The best thing about this Black Ruffle Cropped Denim Jacket is that it’s cropped.  If you pair it on top of your checkered top, it’ll look amazing especially if you want to keep everyone guessing a little more. This jacket is an absolute must have if you’re a denim lover like me. Drape it over your shoulders, tie it around your waist… so many options to get your daily dose of denim. I know, I’m sick without it too.

Black Ruffle Cropped Denim Jacket $55.00

Rose On Fire Black Velvet Puff JacketWhat??????? You haven’t seen roses everywhere??? Do you live under a rock? Just kidding. Seriously though, even though my mom says every time I wear embroidered roses that I look like I’m trying to be her back in the 90’s. 90’s looks are 2018’s looks and you’re gonna learn that with me. This Rose On Fire Black Velvet Puff Jacket burns like the love I have for EDM fashion.  If you don’t think 90’s fashion was and is to this day the best fashion, than sister you better let me spoon feed you some more of these looks. You must still be hungry.

Rose On Fire Black Velvet Puff Jacket $178.00

Well, well, well, you’ve passed my class. A+ for you! See you next semester! (Or shall I say next week?) You stayed with me and you’re already typing in your billing address because you copped all these staples. You don’t wanna blend in with the rest of the crowd. You always gotta be doing the most, like moi! That’s the motto at University of Sam’s Style. I gave you a full scholarship so you should be thanking me, sister 😉

-Samantha Hogya

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