Numerology & Tarot Card Reading with Shaman Tim

My numerology and tarot card reading with The Divine Shaman, Tim Rothschild.

One of the coolest experiences I recently had was with The Divine Movement’s Tim Rothschild. His friends and family refer to him as Shaman Tim, as he is a Numerology and Tarot Card expert. I had the pleasure of meeting Tim through Gina Turner, who introduced him as her brother. Though they are not related by blood, the two have been best friends forever and recently started this amazing fusion concept that gathers like-minded beings to go beyond the traditional club experience. It combines music, yoga, meditation, tarot, numerology, massage, healings and workshops in a unique and welcoming space.

While Tim gets in on all aspects of the Divine Movement, his specialty is in the numerology and tarot department. As luck would have it, or maybe it was in the cards (wink wink), Tim honored me with a one-on one reading. First, he explained how numbers can be viewed as an understanding of how life unfolds. When we are born, a ripple went out through eternity, forming a soul song. Our song exists as vibrations, a matrix of interconnected frequencies and residences, which he translates into numbers and symbols.

I have never had a Numerology or Tarot Card reading so I literally had no idea what to expect and I was almost nervous when Tim said the more open I am the better he’ll be able to identify with me. I cautiously give him my full name and birthday. He translates the information, organizes my chart, and introduced me to who I was, and why I am who I am. MIND BLOWN.

My emotions were everywhere. I could have laughed, cried, I don’t really know how to explain the sensation. He made me feel confident in my choice to pursue Women of EDM, as the scribe symbol was in my chart. I never went to school for journalism but I have always had a natural desire to want to connect with people through a written medium.

Sitting in suspense, I also am told about my truth seeking tendencies. Tim describes how I am a celebrator of life, aka I know how to party – lol. I hold the eternal child in my chart, which means I’m never going to grow up, and communication, comedy, self-expression, and inspiration characteristics. He says I am a teacher and a rock/ foundation in certain aspects; but warns me that always trying to be the best will hold me back. Even though I will fall down, I need to pick myself back up and continue my journey.

All of this information completely touched my soul and I was ready for tarot portion of the reading! Tim instructs me to shuffle his deck of tarot cards. I do so with my shuffle-shuffle-box-shuffle routine I learned from poker and hand over the deck. Three cards get flipped over and again I’m sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation. I had so many questions for Tim after he explained what the cards implied. I think I accidentally overwhelmed him because at one point he looked at me and said, “Whoa, that’s deep.”  My cards, of course, had personal meanings which I may or may not share in the future; but I will tell you that there was a king, a chariot, and a wheel of fortune : )

My experience with Tim was incredible. I felt honored to have met him, let alone get a reading from him. I can’t thank him enough for our discussion and I hope all of you make time to meet with Tim at the next Divine Movement event.

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