OKEE (CHOBEE) Favorite Memories

Lexi Young Okeechobee

Lexi Young Okeechobee

Okeechobee 2017 was one for the books! With many featured artists and unforgettable memories, it was an experience that will never fade. This March extravaganza was four days of “gruesome yuck” in the realm of extreme camping. Four days, no showering, you can imagine the level of B.O. that was expelled out of my poorly pampered body- a ghastly sight that not many would want to endure. However, those that did would become raving-fam for life. After a weekend of sunburns and food truck cuisine coupled with saxy beats, I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

Lexi Young OkeechobeeAdventurous Ava pictured on the left accompanied the Okee crew this year for the festival! Having my greek “little” there to experience all of the wonders of The Jungle made it even more bittersweet for my groove-infused soul (OW OW)! We both listened to our favorite artists such as Flume, Louis the Child, Griz and many more notable artists.

Some of the glitz and glam of this music festival included the creations of artists and creatively jazzy souls. This is a particular piece pictured below, is one that I loved because of all of the details and inspirational writing that created the backdrop for the main focus. It holds a piece of each festival go-er that will be there forever, what bigger impact can one have than that?!

Lexi Young Okeechobee

Displayed at Okeechobee were the three infamous stages, “Be, Here, and Now,” which had us all tumbling from stage to stage as each artist made their special appearance. This happened to be my favorite stage, being that I am a groove enthusiast with a love for some saxiness- lets face it, everybody loves some good saxophone!

Lexi Young Okeechobee

Lexi Young OkeechobeePost up ladies! Here I am, goofing off with some of the best goobers to ever live. These were some my chosen mates to accompany myself on this adventure.  This group of friends only grew larger, after meeting some of the most kind and memorable people I’ve ever met.

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