On Planets Unveils Full ‘Personal Space’ EP via Majestic Casual Recordings

Two parts electronic, one part indie, and one part question mark, emerging producer On Planets emerges with his full Personal Space EP, out now via powerhouse imprint Majestic Casual Recordings. “Cure” and “Too Bad / So Sad” were the first two tracks to be unleashed from the new EP and today brings the welcome release of the remaining two songs in “First Tour” and “Chapter.”

The 4-track EP is a collection of songs OP wrote during the past year, touching on several topics surrounding his transition through life. The main conceptual motif stems from moving out of the city in search of some space and time alone and going a bit too far, both literally and metaphorically. This is my favourite song of the four; I think it’s the most poignant and emotional for me, and best represents the musical style that I’m going forward with,” he says in regards to “First Tour,” while “Chapter” was written in the midst of a move. It’s about “feeling pushed away by Vancouver, and how bitter-sweet and confusing it is,” an honest and introspective look into the young artist’s psyche as he seeks his place in modern day society.

On Planets’ favorite part about being an artist is to have the freedom to create something that is up for interpretation, while his least favorite aspect of being an artist is the fact that certain individuals see it as a competition. With a long-term vision of writing and producing a full length concept album, OP the main goal right now is to increase my artistic bandwidth of ideas that he can translate into content. With such a profound way of thinking and a creative vision for the future, the sky is the limit for this young dreamer – watch this space.