Podcast Episode 2 – Seven Lions

In this Seven Lions Interview, you can listen to him and his wife, Emma, play Never Have I Ever with A. Re and Mary. The Sunset Music Festival and EDC Las Vegas artist talks about tattoos, strip poker, and if he is a member of the mile-high club. The lively couple was a pleasure to hang with and we love’d hearing their stories! Listen along to the audio or skip strait down below to the convo.



Never have I ever with Seven Lions

A. Re: Never Have I ever played at an EDC event?
SL: (Holds up ‘I HAVE’ sign.)
A. Re: Yeah? Vegas?
SL: Yeah. Vegas, EDC Orlando like, 2 years ago, and New York.
A. Re: Oh so you’re kind of a vet?
SL: Yeah.
A. Re: Gotcha.

Mary: Never have I ever had a crazy fan experience?
SL: I have, for sure. But in a good way. Like, just very humbling. Like, meeting people who have tattoos. Like, I have a tattoo of my favorite band so when I meet somebody who has a tattoo of like, the Seven Lions symbol, I’m like, really humbled by that. Yeah, pretty intense.
Emma: Someone showed up at the airport when we got off the plane before we knew our ride was there.
SL: Yeah, that happened.
Emma: That was crazy.
A. Re: With a sign that was like, “Seven Lions: this way!”
Mary: Like, they wanted to take you in their car?
Emma: Please come and sign my laptop.
A. Re: Oh I thought you meant like-
Mary: Yeah like what-
Emma: How did you know when our flight was coming in? Like, our ride isn’t even here yet. How’d you know we were here?
A. Re: Wouldn’t that be crazy if somebody stood there with a sign that was like: Seven Lions?
Emma: We did.
A. Re: And then you got in that car?
Mary: And then took you.
Emma: Oh no, oh God.
A. Re: Wouldn’t that be crazy? I never thought of that.
Emma: That would be terrifying.
A. Re: I mean, that’s like a thing were you just trust and you get in.
Emma: Scary.
Mary: Yeah.
Emma: Right?
SL: Totally. Now people know how to abduct us.
Emma: You gave the secret away!
SL: Just show up with a sign, we’ll get in your car.

A. Re: Never have I ever crowd surfed?
SL: I definitely have
A. Re: All the time?
SL: Well my earliest crowd surfing days was actually at an Opeth concert. My parents brought me to the concert because I couldn’t drive, I was like 14.
Emma: Oh my God.
A. Re: Is that rock?
SL: It’s like metal.
A. Re: Metal?
SL: So, I didn’t know that they entered the venue because they had nothing else to do so they went and they went up in the VIP section. Apparently they were looking down and watching the show, and they’re you know, much older than me, and apparently they saw me like, crowd surfing at one point.
A Re: And was it a proud moment for them or were they like, “What were you doing?”
SL: They were stoked. I mean, my dad really likes music so yeah. And then I crowd surf at shows every now and then. I don’t so much anymore just because I don’t want to kick anyone in the head. I would just feel bad. And I’m just getting old in the bones and achy so I just don’t do that. But I did for a while.

Mary: Never have I ever had an unusual object thrown on stage?
SL: Ummmm…
Emma: No, that one show. All the bras.
SL: Yeah, just bras.
A. Re: Tons of bras?
Mary: What?
Emma: I was like, where’s it coming from?
A. Re: It’s raining bras!
SL: I don’t know if that’s unusual.
Emma: They were all over the speakers and I was like, “what’s going on here!?” I don’t usually see bras like, being tossed up on stage.
SL: Yeah, but it wasn’t like a dildo or like a-
A. Re: I have hardly ever seen- Wait. No, really?
SL: No no no no. THAT would be an unusual.
A. Re: Oh my Lord.
Emma: That should be your next question: Have I ever had a dildo thrown at me?
A. Re: No, that’s our telephone question! That’s for the next person. Okay, so what if I told you we ran out of Never Have I Ever’s and we wanted to play: So, Don’t Judge Me?
SL: What’s that?
A. Re: It’s along the lines of never have I ever but you get to pick the random questions.
SL: Okay.
A. Re: So, go for it! And we’ll all play.

SL: Never have I ever joined the mile high club? Well, I travel with my wife and we’ve definitely thought about it-
A. Re: But?
SL: Maybe getting a handy under one of those blankets. But no, I’ve never joined.
Emma: No we haven’t! I’m way too tired on airplanes. I’m like, no thanks, I have a headache.
A. Re: Random pick.

Emma: Never have I ever been arrested? No, I never have been arrested.
A. Re: You’ve been a good girl!
SL: I forgot to pay a ticket apparently.
(Everyone: ooooohhhhh!!!!)
Emma: Womp womp woooomp!
A. Re: Sure, that was mine too.
Emma: He wasn’t streaking through the streets or anything.

SL: Never have I ever played strip poker? I definitely have, but not for a long time. We’re talking about middle school.
Emma: Middle school?
Mary: So you have played poker in middle school?
Emma: Where the f*ck was I?
SL: I don’t know, you were in middle school too.
Emma: I know that’s insane. We were at the same parties.
SL: That’s true actually.
Emma: Ummm I lost (in response to the question).
A. Re: Wait, was it in middle school?
Emma: I lost. It was in high school, not that that’s much better. I was in high school and I definitely ended up naked.
A. Re: Naked?
SL: I played a lot of games.
A. Re: You’re a serious gamble.
SL: Yeah.
A. Re: And you haven’ learned your lesson.
SL: I don’t want to.

Emma: Never have I ever done a body shot? Actually-
SL: (Holds up I HAVE NEVER sign).
Emma: Whaaaaaaattttt?!?! That’s one of my most memorable experiences!
A. Re: She can make it happen.
Emma: Yeah, we can make it happen. My 18th birthday, in Tijuana actually.
A. Re: Tijuana?!
Emma: It was when Tijuana was still like, good and fun.
A. Re: Like a spring break place?
Emma: Yeah.
A. Re: Kind of crazy.
Emma: Yeah, and we like, down there. There was a bar and shots. I got up on the bar and laid down and there was like three girls taking shots off of me. I wasn’t complaining.
A. Re: That’s a really good story! Tijuana’s like, ehhhhh.
Emma: Tijuana’s gnarly now but when I was 18 we were like, “let’s go down there and drink when we’re 18!”
A. Re: Well, thank you so much for playing Never Have I Ever with Women of EDM!

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