Proceed with Camo Caution: EDM Style Guide by Samantha

Sam Hogya 2017-01-29 Style Guide

Now that I have your attention, prepare for some solid fashion inspo.  You have a festival or a show coming up and you’re ready to have all eyes on you with the best outfit.  This is about to become YOUR look and if you keep reading, trust me you’re gonna look dope. This week’s EDM Style Guide has some major camo vibes. Note: if you’re not obsessed with camo yet, then you really need to sit down and get yourself a first class ticket for the camo train because camo inspired is everything right now.

Let’s get started!

Black Slinky Bandeau Crop TopFirst, a basic bandeau. This is definitely a staple for every wardrobe. This bandeau comes in so many different colors! Honestly, they’re all you need right now because you can wear it alone or under an oversized denim jacket, bomber jacket, or whatever your favorite jacket is. It’s simplicity allows for you to dress up or down and when  you get it you’ll see how it pairs amazing with your pants too!

Black Slinky Bandeau Crop Top $10.00

OBSESSED is an understatement for these camo pants right now because they are EVERYTHING. They come in different colors, but my favorite is the grey. Just saying. The lime are amazing too. Whichever is gonna make you feel the most confident, throw them in your cart along with the bandeau.  See, you’re already serving looks and you haven’t even accessorized yet…

Grey Camo Print Cargo Trousers $42.00

Dr. Martens Black 1460 Mono BootsNow, I know you just had flash backs to middle school but I promise you that Dr.Martens are about to make a come back and I’m letting you now know so that you can be a part of the come back before it even happens. You can pair these with absolutely anything and for festivals and shows.  They are perfect because when people try to stomp all over your feet, you’re protected in these babies. They’re simple though definitely a must for your shoe collection. You will slay with these docs!

Dr. Martens Black 1460 Mono Boots $140.00

Parallax GlassesIf you don’t have a pair of clear glasses yet, I’m telling you right now that you need a pair. They’re trendy and you can wear them inside and outside. If you’re a glasses lover like me, you’ll want to wear these everywhere.  Worry not about walking into a wall; you can see with these inside the club! Day or night, sisters got some glasses on and right now they’re making this look.

Parallax Glasses $18.00

Chained Reaction ChokerI can safely say I have more chokers than a library has books. The fact that chokers have been in and for me will be staying in for the rest of my lifetime, you can start feeling the same. You’ll serve looks in this choker and if you take a browse, there’s so many other chokers you can wrap your personality around, in about 14 inches.

Chained Reaction Choker $8.00

Bar None Fanny PackLast but not least, don’t even try to play me and tell me that you or anyone you know likes to carry a bag to any festival or show.  I know I don’t, and you’re crazy if you do. I can feel you referencing a family member rocking a fanny pack back in the day….but I swear it’s so convenient to not have to worry about loosing your personal belongings, and you can do it in style now too!  Just buckle up this waist bag and get lost in the music. I think that this is a style pick that you, sister, are gonna KILL in.

Bar None Fanny Pack $17.60

Now, tell me after all that you don’t feel like you’re about to serve looks at your next event. This is YOUR show now; I know you’re gonna kill it! The items in this week’s style guide work together and can easily make more fashion forward looks with your current wardrobe. Happy shopping and stay tuned for another EDM Style Guide next Monday! ~Samantha Hogya