LED Hula Hoop

LED Hula Hoop


LED Hula Hoop Fully Rechargeable and Collapsable – 28 Color Strobing and Changing LED Lights – Multiple Sizes Available – Light Up Hoola Hoops

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Single Seam Connection

Many different methods are used for opening and closing the hula hoop in order to charge the battery. Most use a larger piece of tubing at the connection seam so your hula hoop has an awkward bump in one section. We didn’t like that so we designed our LED hula hoops to function identical to a standard hoop. One push button and one rivet, that’s it.

Easy On/Off

Many hoops have on and off functions for the LED’s inside the hoop however, most require you to open the hoop and remove the battery in order to turn it off. This can be annoying and often times results in lost batteries because the battery doesn’t stay with the hoop. With our easy on/off, you can turn your hoop on instantly.
28 LED Lights

We packed 28 color strobing LED lights into this hula hoop which is more than any other hoop company at this price. By using a unique soldering method, we were able to add additional LED lights at the same price. The LED lights will each cycle through 7 different colors in multiple patterns while you hoop.

3.6V Rechargeable Battery and Charger

Our hoops include a 3.6V rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is the industry standard for LED hula hoops. We’ve also include a wall charger so you’ll have everything you need to open the box and use your hula hoop the moment you receive it.


Our hoops are built using 3/4″ OD high strength HDPE tubing with inside cross sanding provides superior control during on body movements

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