LED Skeleton Gloves

LED Skeleton Gloves


Giving a Light Show is about building a connection with your audience and expressing yourself through kinetic movement. Glovers have the ability to perform a hand-focused dance by creating streaks and patterns of lights to mesmerize the viewer. Your glove set represents your personality and the modes and colors you choose are just as important as the moves you string together. Great for all ages, gloving combines optical illusion and rhythm allowing the performer to create mind-blowing performances.

Amazon, $9.68 Amazon.fr, EUR 9,08 Amazon.es EUR 9,08


There are three bright LED lights, seven-speed controllable opening, can be turned into a monochromatic
blue color red color green additional red and blue double flash red and green, blue and green color and red.
blue and green lights at the same time a total of seven colors effect.

Amazon $9.68 Amazon.fr EUR 9,08 Amazon.es EUR 9,08