Q & A with Singer and Songwriter, EVIEN


EVIEN’s high-energy and heartfelt vocals are at once vibrantly colorful and sometimes heartbreakingly dark. Bold, passionate, and authentic, EVIEN represents the new wave of electro-pop artists. EVIEN is known for her ethereal persona that shifts from light to dark (like her lyrics).  Evien uses her love life as the foundation for her songs. “I’m a sensitive storyteller, and use poetry as the way to do that.” said Evien.  “My dates inspire me so much!”

Evien uses her love life as the foundation for her songs.

We caught up with EVIEN recently to find out more about the singer and songwriter.  Here’s what went down>>>

~Q & A with EVIEN~

How Did You Get Involved with EDM? Specifically, “Never Find Us?”

I entered the world of EDM after I released my Dark Electro-Pop EP. I already had posted my EP up onto SoundCloud. From there, “EKBY,” a DJ from Japan, reached out and wanted to collaborate, he sent me his track, I wrote the melody and lyrics to it, I recorded the dry vocals and shot it over to him, he produced it, and boom—that’s how my first Progressive House record “Never Find Us” was born.

How Did You Get Involved with EDM? Specifically, “Sacred Ground?”

I loved my first Progressive House track so much that I wanted to compose another one. I wrote the melody and lyrics for it, recorded my dry vocals, hunted down a new producer, sent him the vocal files, and the track was produced. That’s how “Sacred Ground” came to life.

Evien 1What Brought You to EDMbiz?

I came to EDMbiz to collaborate with DJs and connect with undiscovered innovative producers for my next EP.

Is EDM the Direction You’d Like to Focus on?

I, actually, want to do it all. I want to continue to be a featured vocalist on DJ tracks and, at the same time, continue to be a Dance-Pop Recording Artist and Songwriter; so, I get the best of both worlds.

What are the Projects You are Currently Working On?

I’m presently working on new music for my upcoming EP, as well as, new collaborations with DJs.

What Industry Events are You Attending?

I religiously attend the ASCAP Expo (once a year), the Recording Academy functions (throughout the year), as well as, the EDMbiz Conference & Expo.

Evien 2

~About EVIEN~

Evien is an independent dance-pop artist based in Los Angeles. The native SoCal girl is a born entertainer, having started voice and piano lessons at age 6. Her first paid engagement was as a wedding singer, at age 9! Throughout school, she gravitated to the stage, in plays, musical theater, as a choir member, and a soloist in an ensemble. A naturally gifted vocalist and writer, her dedication to a life in performing arts has never faltered. “I love the spotlight! I used to pretend to be a newscaster when I was a kid. My parents were very supportive even early on,” remembers Evien.

While honing vocal chops in the context of worship music, she had a rather different experience when exploring her theatrical side. Evien was a pageant contestant in Southern California for just long enough to get stage time. “I love the fashion and the runway. I had a pageant coach. It’s so much work, but there’s also too much drama. If I’m going to bleed for something, it’s going to be music.” But the importance of image and presence became clear, and combined with the inspiration from artists like Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga, and Rita Ora, Evien crafted an ethereal persona that shifts from light to dark (like her lyrics).

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