Adara Opens Up About New EP Afterglow & Answers A Few Fun Questions

Adara takes a moment

to share her personal thoughts and experiences

about her sensational EP, Afterglow.

Adara Opens Up About New EP Afterglow & Answers A Few Fun QuestionsIn an exclusive interview, Adara talks about Afterglow and answers a few fun questions about herself.  Find out what Afterglow means to her, what the track titles and lyric meanings are, and people who she collaborates with.  This is what Adara shared with us and the video she created for her fans to enjoy.


In the words of Adara:

Afterglow is the light that’s left after the sun set or even the light that’s left after a star dies. I thought it was the perfect title for my EP because a lot of the songs centered around how my world looked; after the event, after either extreme heartbreak or a really beautiful moment. With a lot of these songs, I wanted to focus on how I dealt with that and how it kind of changed me.

I think a really good example of that is my song, “Death of A Star.” That is one of my favorite songs on the album because it really hit home. It’s really personal to me because it was about somebody that I lost from my life about six years back. They were a really big part of me and who I was. “Death of A Star” is about looking up at the sky; and that the constellation and the view you’re used to seeing, but there’s a star missing.

One of my favorite lines was, “Every living alien knows what a broken heart is.” I think that rings true for all of us. I’m super grateful to my collaborators for helping me to put this feeling and this emotion on paper.

One of my other favorite songs is, “Open Eyes.” That’s the first single that we released off of this upcoming EP. It’s really one of the most fun songs to perform; I usually try to end my sets with it. It’s a collaboration that I did with my favorite DJ’s named, Estiva, out of Holland. It’s all about that feeling of actually living with open eyes. Not just looking, but seeing and being open to experiencing everything that this world and beyond has to offer; and, just being up for the adventure.

Another one of my songs is called, “Mixtape.” That is definitely a detour back to my pop roots. It’s really inspired by retro pop sounds. It’s about that moment where you fall for somebody that you didn’t expect you would fall for because they’re not your type and the songs they’re playing are not your jam. But somehow, everything is perfect and you lose your heart in the middle of a mixtape.

We’ve got a song on the EP that I’ve actually released before called, “Stadium.” It’s one of the first songs that I released right after my initial collaboration with DJ Shogun, for his song, “Dragon.” That was a few years back. We wanted to give my new audience something to listen to that was 100% my own, so we put out, “Stadium.” But now, we’re at the point where I think there’s a lot of new listeners and a whole new audience. I want to be able to share this song with all of my new friends and fans. I think we can give it a new life; so we’ve remastered it for this new EP. I’m really looking forward to everybody hearing that and discovering that again.

I’ve got a song called, “Say Yes,” and that was also a really cathartic song to write for this EP. I went through a pretty intense breakup. I think when anybody goes through that kind of heartache all you want is that person to say, “Yes,” to say that they still love you; and you can’t get them to do that and you feel completely helpless.

Last but not least, we have a track called, “Oasis.” It’s very acoustic but I’m really excited about this song. There’s some special things to come with this song but I can’t tell you yet, because it’s still a secret.

I can’t wait for everybody to hear my new EP, “Afterglow.”

AdaraAdara also took some time to answer some questions about herself, her Halloween plans, and says what we can look forward to from her in the future.

Women of EDM: What was the last thing you Googled?
Adara: Meme’s with happy animals that said, “TGIF.”

Women of EDM: What is your go-to karaoke song?
Adara: I’m actually kind of nervous to do karaoke. So I don’t do it very often, but I do love watching karaoke and I have some friends that do it all the time. There’s this really cool place in Nashville called, Santa’s Pub. You should definitely check it out.

Women of EDM: What is your favorite outfit to wear in the studio?
Adara: Well, the honest answer is sweatpants and a hoodie. But when there is a picture moment, which there usually is, I opt for high-wasted stretchy but cool looking leggings and a silvery kind of top.

Women of EDM: Are you a dog or a cat person?
Adara: I am an animal lover. I think all animals are amazing but I’m definitely more of a dog person. I’m actually a little bit allergic to cats. I love dogs and I grew up with dogs my whole life. They are some of the happiest creatures I’ve ever met on this planet; they’re definitely great to be around.

Women of EDM: What are you going to dress-up as for Halloween?
Adara: I’m actually going to be on an airplane on October 31st, flying out to Colorado to film a new music video. Which I’m super excited about, but that probably means I won’t be able to wear my Halloween costume on the plane. If I did get to wear a Halloween costume this year, it would certainly be an outfit from the latest Tron movie.

Women of EDM: What can we look forward from you, after the release of “Afterglow?”
Adara: More performances. A new collaboration with one of my favorite companies, C4 Belt. I wear their belts everywhere I go, especially for every performance. I’m really excited to be able to work with them and actually create some of my own designs. Last but not least, you’re finally going to get some music videos. I’m really excited for the addition of videos because it’s just a way to further show you my world. We’re actually creating a lot of our costumes from scratch right now, for the videos. I can’t wait to premiere those on screen.

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