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Today, we feature Emily Hall. This recent grad exemplifies a strong driven woman who chose a path of education to succeed in her career path of music.  We wanted to share her experiences from her past couple of years; working at a label, sustaining a bi-coastal lifestyle,  attending a wide variety of EDM events, and all while pursuing an undergraduate degree.  We thought a lot of people could relate to her story of work, school, passion for electronic dance music, and dedication to this remarkable industry.

Congratulations Emily on your accomplishments!

We are extremely proud of you and wish you the best of luck with all of your future endeavors.

WOE:  Where are you graduating from and with what degree? 

EH:  I am graduating from Florida Southern College, with a bachelor’s degree in communications plus a minor in integrated marketing.


WOE:  Where were you working or interning during school?

EH:  During my four years of college, I experienced a few different opportunities working in the scene. My very first working experience was volunteering for ground control at EDC New York 2014, I attended EDC New York 2013 for my first music festival and knew I wanted to do more than just attend raves. A month later, I went to EDC Las Vegas where I met my now good friend Robby. He was building a team of writers for EDM.com at the time and encouraged me to apply.

By the end of summer 2014, I was blogging for EDM.com, this was when I started interviewing artists and going to events for press. I ended up writing for EDM.com for over two years, as well as freelanced for a few other online publications. At the beginning of 2016, I started handling the blog for Buygore Records, which led into a summer internship. For junior and senior year, I was also working part-time at LA Fitness in Connecticut, Florida, and California.

A day in the life of an intern


WOE:  How did you acquire that internship and how long have you been doing it?

EH:  One year at Miami Music Week, I met Christina Boemio at a Dim Mak event and at the time she was the publicist for Buygore. Later that year, we ran into each other at EDC Las Vegas and ended up spending the entire weekend together. From there we kept in contact through the LA-based collective Nap Girls that she co-founded. When 2016 rolled around, she reached out to me because Buygore needed someone to handle the blog.

During that same semester, I was enrolled in a pre-internship course and knew I wanted to intern somewhere in Los Angeles. Christina told me Buygore had an internship available over the summer and when I discussed it with the label manager Steven Pahel, he said also needed help with his artist management company SLVYVLL. So even though it was two companies they were still both out of the same office in Hollywood. I interned the entire summer and when it was over, they offered me the social media manager position, which I’ve been able to do remotely from Florida while finishing up my senior year.



WOE:  What will you take with you from this internship?

EH:  Working with the Buygore team showed me how important it is to have a good team. I loved working with everyone at the office and always looked forward to going in for work. Last summer was a lot of firsts for me, including living in Los Angeles, so it was a big learning experience all around.


WOE:  How have you been able manage a job based out of LA and going to school in Florida? 

EH:  Being able to work remotely has definitely been super key to managing a job based out of Los Angeles and still going to school full-time. Especially now that I run the Buygore socials, it’s a life savor being able to handle a lot of it from my phone so I’m able to multi-task no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Being so far away from Los Angeles also pushed me to work hard and be involved in any way that I could while living on the east coast.


WOE:  What drove you to work so hard for so long?

EH:  Through out high school, I really had no idea what my passion was. I was pretty involved in sports teams but still always felt out of place and never fully committed to it. I discovered the electronic music scene at the end of my second semester senior year in high school when my friend dragged me to a Life In Color event in Connecticut. Fast forward to my first semester as a college freshman, I knew I wanted to go to EDC Orlando but still didn’t know too many people on campus.

I ended up going with this girl Julia, who became one of my best friends throughout college since we bonded over music, and then a random cluster of people from different friend groups who all just wanted to go and have fun. We had so much fun together even though we all barely knew each other, and it was that festival that really made me realize that I wanted to be more involved in the scene. I loved how music had the ability to bring people together and create a feeling of connectedness that I hadn’t felt before, so when work opportunities started arising I never said no and just kept going with it because the scene was something I believed in.


WOE:  For someone wanting to follow in your footsteps, would you suggest going to school for the same degree?

EH:  When I enrolled in college, I still wasn’t sure what career field I wanted to pursue, but I was drawn to event planning at the time. I knew I could apply a communications degree to a multiple fields so I wasn’t putting myself into a situation with limited options. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I realized I wanted to try and pursue a career in music business, and I was luckily able to apply it. While I don’t plan on pursuing advertising or public relations directly, it is nice being familiar with that aspect of the entertainment business. I’d definitely suggest trying to find a program within the music business realm, but at the end of the day nothing beats real life experience.


WOE:  Any additional tips for someone who wants to pursue an internship within the EDM industry?

EH:  Get involved any way you can. Whether it’s volunteering or promoting, it’s always good to have some experience to give you a leg up. Getting different experience also helps with figuring out with aspect of the industry you want to work in. Most importantly, make yourself present in the scene and be apart of it because you never know who you’re going to meet.


WOE:  Are you involved in any other EDM related organizations?

EH:  I’ve been apart of Nap Girls for around two years now, and it’s definitely been an awesome resource to have as well as very eye opening. It’s really cool to constantly see what other women in the industry are doing and helping each other succeed in our careers.


WOE:  What have you learned from being a Nap Girl?

EH:  If you haven’t heard of Nap Girls, it’s a collaborative organization whose mission is to connect and empower women and GNC individuals by nurturing creative and professional growth. Being a Nap Girl has taught me how important it to empower others versus competing against others. It has also shown me how sexism is still very real within the industry, but also how to combat sexism and overcome these challenges. I am so inspired by other Nap Girls and the network of friendships this group has created has been really nice to have during my transition to LA.


WOE:  In addition to your bi-coastal priorities, how do you maintain your exciting EDM lifestyle?

EH:  My parents have been huge supporters since I discovered my passion for music. They’ve both been pretty involved in the whole process of pursuing music and I couldn’t have done any of it without them. I was also really lucky to be located in both Florida and right outside of New York, as they’re both big areas for the music scene. Traveling to different festivals is one of my favorite things to do, and I’ve been super fortunate to be able to travel and experience new places. Some festivals have been a tradition for more than a few years now, especially the EDC Las Vegas B2B Electric Forest trip. Now that I’m graduated, I’m definitely trying to experience new festivals and travel to places I haven’t been before.


WOE:  What are your plans for the future?

EH:  With my college years finally behind me, I’m really excited to see where the future takes me. Even though I live near New York City, I fell in love with Los Angeles last summer and I can’t wait to go back. I plan to continue working with the Buygore Records and SLVYVLL Management team, as I want to start focusing more on the artist management side of things. Definitely looking forward to what the rest of 2017 has in store.



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