Paola Shea

Paola Shea FeatureAtop New York City’s male dominated DJ scene you will find a woman who has turned nightlife in “the city that never sleeps” into a footstool to facilitate her rise to national acclaim. Paola Shea only lives and works at the top. She’s worked with music’s top acts including Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa. She’s been featured on entertainment’s top networks and media outlets such as MTV, E Online, and Entertainment Weekly, as well OK and Maxim magazine. Her ascension through the DJ and entertainment worlds have garnered her endorsements with Pioneer DJ and recognition as one of the top 100 open format DJs in the United States.

A prerequisite to being a high profile DJ is playing premier venues, and Shea has masterfully galvanized audiences in the nation’s highest tier venues with her music. She has rocked capacity crowds for New York City’s Highline Ballroom, Haus, Slate, and 1Oak; Flamingo in Las Vegas, Atlantic City’s Harrah’s, San Francisco’s Mezzanine, and a plethora of others. Shea was most elated to be bestowed the honor of rocking the venue of all venues for the brand of all brands when she was contacted to DJ the star-studded closing out party of the legendary Playboy Mansion in the summer of 2016 after DJing a previous event in Negril, Jamaica for the lifestyle juggernaut.

Working with celebrities is not uncommon for Shea and her penchant for rubbing elbows with the rich and famous has helped her become a celebrity as well.

In addition to being a DJ, Shea is a seasoned musician and has produced remixes for elite artists like Beyonce, Adele, Sia, and the Chainsmokers. The attention garnered from her DJing and production talents led to her being invited to join the season 16 cast of the CBS network’s hit TV show Big Brother. Shea’s appearance on Big Brother catapulted her into the spotlight and helped her break ground as one of few DJs in the world that became a celebrity with industry-wide praise via their talents on the turntables. When asked what he appreciated about Shea upon hearing her play, hip hop/Hollywood icon Ice T put it best: “I could just tell that she’s a dope DJ…right away. It’s great to see the energy of the club with her.”

Paola Shea is the embodiment of transformative hard work multiplied by pristine style and selection. She makes every event she attends and every venue she plays better. She has a turned a musical calling into a scholarship to New York City’s Hip Hop Dance Conservatory. She has finessed a stay in New York City to study dance into a successful DJ career. She has morphed a successful DJ career into a career as a superstar DJ and celebrity, and has made her name a high end brand in nightlife and a staple in the entertainment industry. Simply put, Paola Shea is the absolute apex.

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