Sunglasses Warning: Retro is the New Black

Sunglasses Warning: Retro is the New Black


Retro Sunglasses

~~~I’M BACKKKKKKK, or should I say it’s you that’s back?! If you’re at all like me (which by now you should be) than you’re constantly wearing sunglasses whether you’re inside, outside, upside, downside. No but really, it doesn’t matter if it’s torrential down pouring at a festival stage or 2am at a venue that’s so dark you can barely see the person next to you, you’re still wearing a dope pair of shades. The game has changed and wearing sunglasses at all hours of the day is as in as Juicy Tracksuits were in 2004. Thank goodness, because sister over here was doing that anyways. Keep up with me right now and I’ll introduce you to some must have sunnies and staple glasses for your collection.  Pay attention the the fabulous retro sungasses!

Who doesn’t need enough sunglasses to build a house out of them?

Brown Tortoiseshell Rounded Half Frame Retro SunglassesNow I know what you’re thinking, “Can I pull these off?” Um, YES sister you can! If there ever was a style to become obsessed with, it’s these Brown Tortoiseshell Rounded Half Frame Retro Sunglasses. I recently joined the small frames club and let me tell you, retro is the new black. These glasses have some serious trendy vibes and they’re so simple, yet you’re definitely still serving looks which you know sisters always gotta do.

Brown Tortoiseshell Rounded Half Frame Retro Sunglasses $18.00

Black Wide Frame Square SunglassesYES, YES, YES, bigger is still always better! If you’re having one of those days where you just can’t stand anyone around you but you still want to be front row, main stage at your favorite festival, than you need a pair of these babies. Uh huh honey, these sunnies are a MUST HAVE. I love the fact these take up enough of my face that no one will dare to kill my good vibes.  Even better, you can still dance from day to night in these Black Wide Frame Square Sunglasses, without a single worry. These are seriously essential so snatch you a pair of these.

Black Wide Frame Square Sunglasses $12.00

Silver Oversized Curved Mirror AviatorsIf you dare to be like me and make a statement with the boldest look in any crowd than you NEED these. If you’ve read this far, you’re ready for the next level on my Serving-Looks Pyramid.  You know I’ve got you in deep with these Silver Oversized Curved Mirror Aviators!  Like I said before, when I go out somewhere, I’m ready for all eyes on me and I’m telling you now that’s gotta be you too! Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone because you’re already dope, I just want you to be next level fierce.

Silver Oversized Curved Mirror Aviators $15.00

Lilac Hexagon Retro SunglassesYou already know I’m having you change the game in these sunnies. Inside, outside, wherever, you can still see clearly through these slightly colored lenses. You’re about to look fuego when you throw these Lilac Hexagon Retro Sunglasses on! I’m loving colored lenses right now; they’re EVERYTHING! You don’t feel like you’re about to walk into a wall because you can still see in these cuties, rocked by YOU. Retro vibes again, which you are going to love wearing at during festival season. Talk about pre-Coachella and Ultra vibes?!

Lilac Hexagon Retro Sunglasses $12.00

Red Cat Eye Lense Retro SunglassesNeed good vibes and no problems? These sunnies will speak for that for themselves. These Red Cat Eye Lense Retro Sunglasses are the Holy Grail of sunnies. This cat eye frame and red lense is about to score you some serious points in my book, if you’re bold enough to rock these! What am I even saying that for??? You already know you’re rocking these and you’re thanking me for it later! Bonus: They also come in yellow, pink, and black lenses.

Red Cat Eye Lense Retro Sunglasses $12.00

You got this!!!!! I’ve set you up for nothing but success in every single one of these babies! You can rock these at Coachella, Ultra, Okeechobee, or any other event you’re heading to.  You’ll be damned if you’re telling me that you aren’t ready to look straight fire in a pair of these. Like I said before, retro is the new black! If you didn’t know, now you know.

-Samantha Hogya

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