Sebastien Chenut of French Electronic Music Duo Scratch Massive Premieres Video of Title Track from Mini LP “Motor Of Love”

French electronic duo Scratch Massive, (Maud Geffray & Sebastien Chenut) are known for their dark, melodic electronic music and film scores for acclaimed Director Zoe Cassavetes and others.  Vital players in the European electronic music scene, their past collaborations include a diverse list of artists ranging from Ivan Smagghe, Jimmy Sommerville, Gus Gus’ Daniel Agust and longtime collaborator Chloe’ (Kill The DJ, BPitch Control, My Favorite Robot), who appears on ‘Motor Of Love’, a release that can best be described as ‘techno noir.’

Sebastien Chenut of French Electronic Music Duo
Scratch Massive
Premieres Video of Title Track from Mini LP “Motor Of Love”

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Out now, ‘MOTOR OF LOVE,’ is the mini LP containing 7 unique tracks that travel into an interstellar techno journey, while bringing hypnotic and cinematic energy to the dance floor. It’s a riveting headphone listen and it’s Sebastien Chenut’s debut solo release on Scratch Massive’s newly launched US imprint bORDEL (headquarters based in LA). bORDEL is aimed to showcase authentic sounds from Paris and L.A.

An ambitious 4 part experimental video series accompanies each of the single’s releases from Motor of Love. All Directed by Chenut on an iPhone 6 in slow motion as Chenut explains, “No one can deny that slow motion is a perfect language for music videos but you have to edit a lot to recreate a new rhythm to never make it boring”. The videos all share a common thread focused on one street corner in LA with the same actors.

The last of the series premieres today for the title track ‘Motor Of Love’ which features strange footage, tension and strobes.’Watch it here, and watch + read more about the series below.


In the visual for ‘Motor of Love’ Logan the blonde girl who was introduced in “Loftlovers feat Chloe” found a phone with a strange dancer dancing in the video. In Motor of Love, she realizes that he is now dancing under her window, on her street corner.  Curious she watches from her balcony to see what is going on. While she’s watching her Dad surprised her and doesn’t feel that same way. He decides to offer a different challenge to this strange dancer in his backyard..

Watch the rest of the experimental video series here:

We discover on ‘Stranger Line” the night Rendez Vous of a private banker with some strange customers who pay him to dance.

Loflovers Featuring Chloe” we follow a teenager who lives at this corner jogging into the hills of Elysian Park in L.A. and discovers an iPhone which is playing the video of a man dancing in a parking lot…
Making it’s premiere via Vice Noisey the ‘Baiser Froid’s’ visual component is the third of a four part experimental video series all directed by Chenut that explores a neighborhood life of a corner street in East L.A. “Baiser Froid” continues the story, and is about the addictions of a dog of one of those strange customers. Addiction to the treats, to the tv, to Skype, and strangely entering in communication with one other dog in France….

Watch Baiser Froid