Adventure Club – Gold Ft. Yuna (BONNIE X CLYDE Remix)


BONNIE X CLYDE Finally Releases Their Highly Sought After Remix to Adventure Club’s Smash Hit “Gold”

One of dance hottest acts, BONNIE X CLYDE, is releasing their massive remix of Adventure Club’s smash hit “Gold” that has been teased for months. Featuring Bonnie’s astonishing vocals and BXC’s signature sound, this remix has been a fan favorite ever since they first played the track w/ Adventure Club during Miami Music Week 2017. Since then, the remix has been a highlight of most BONNIE X CLYDE sets, and was even featured in Adventure Club’s “Flight From The Gold Sky ” mash-up that they released several weeks ago. The remix has already received an enormous amount of high-praise and support from countless artists, fans, and industry professionals alike who have been eagerly awaiting this release.

BONNIE X CLYDE’s ability to capture the piercing and emotionally moving vocals of the original track in their own style, showcases the duo’s footprint in a remarkable remake of a track that shaped modern dance music.This track is the perfect example of what the duo is capable of, and what their sound means to them; leaving this remix dripping in gold.



Adventure Club - Gold Ft. Yuna (BONNIE X CLYDE Remix)


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