Alon Mor – Long Awaited Journey


Not to be mistaken as a dj/producer, Alon is a modern day composer. An artist putting a new school touch on old school styles, with visions of leading full orchestras, changing the definition of “live” sets, and creating a fully immersive audiovisual experience that will trigger and activate all the human senses.

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Long Awaited Journey will move you, shake you, break you, lift you up, and make you feel an entire spectrum of emotions that you’ve never experienced from music before. That’s actually the best way to describe it, as an experience. His vision? Unparalleled. How often have you asked an artist for a quote to describe his creative process and/or current project, only to receive some generic, “hi *grunt, i make music, dis is awesum” type of response? Alon? Not so much.

Alon Mor - Long Awaited Journey

Music for me has always been and always will be, above all, over myself, over friends, over and above the love of family. I believe that music is everything, it’s the way we talk, the way we think, the way our dreams come to us when we are going to sleep. Music enters the dreams we have when we are awake. We can compare it to physics, mathematics and the evolution of everything that a person sees through his own perceptions. It accompanies us in life through our highs and lows, to the places we love less, and the places we love most. I believe that when people first meet you they look at your body, your clothes, your hair, your jewelry. They hear your speech and gaze into your eyes. That’s how they decide who you are. When people listen to your music, they look deep into your brain, and they can see the bad, the good, the obsessions, what you’re trying to hide and what you’re trying to show. And that is truly who you are, that is me. My music is me no matter what happens to me as a man, it always remain as a living, breathing part of me.
Alon Mor

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