Codes – Bumps & Boom Bapps (Remixes)


In 2016, Atlanta based label Psycho Disco! released their biggest hit since their formation with Codes’ “Bumps & Boom Bapps” EP. To celebrate the now viral release, Psycho Disco! has decided to celebrate the project’s success by commissioning a whole new spin on the EP with 10 brand new remixes.

Codes – Bumps & Boom Bapps


Featuring a crew of a-list producers and tastemakers, the “Bumps & Boom Bapps” Remix EP includes new cuts from Crave, Golf Clap, Stanger, Aylen, Grensta, Smalltown DJs, Devon James & Will OB, CLB, Aylen, Karuva, and Codes. Building off the original releases tech-house foundation, the remix EP traverses a number of genres, from Aylen’s Breaks rework of “Bumps,” to Craze’s experimental take on “Boom Bapps.” Spearheading the remix pack, the man behind the whole EP, Codes, takes “Bumps” back into the lab for a 2018 version of the track that sees him throw the track in overdrive with a futuristic house reimagination of the single.

If the remix pack has you bumping up your stereo, you can hear the tracks live as Codes is on the road for The Pleasure Tour whose next stop will be in Boston, MA Saturday, February 10th. Be sure to check out The Pleasure Tour website for tickets and more dates to be announced.

Codes - Bumps & Boom Bapps (Remixes)TRACKLIST
1. Bumps (Codes 2018 mix)
2. Bumps (Stranger remix)
3.Bumps (Karuva remix)
4.Boom Bapps (Craze remix)
5.Bumps (Aylen remix)
6.Boom Bapps (Grensta remix)
77..BBuummppss ((GGoollff CCllaapp remix)
8.Bumps (CLB remix)
9. Boom Bapps (Smalltown DJs remix)
10. Boom Bapps (Devon James & Will OB remix)

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