Christian Alexander Shares Thoughts on ‘Do Not Disturb’


Do Not Disturb‘ by Christian Alexander is naturally likable and creates an instant, emotional connection. The attractive sound from the piano chords capture your soul as the tranquil vocals of Athrs sweetly direct memories of deep affection to a lingering first thought.

“When they come knocking, we’ll tell them do not disturb.”

The strongest possible drug for a human being is another human being. This is an emotional song about reconciling lost love and returning to the freedom of youth. There’s a lot of raw emotion put into this track and that’s what we hope people feel from hearing it.

The lyrics for this track were so powerful that the title kind of fell into our laps. The cool thing about calling it ‘Do Not Disturb,’ is that it leaves room for the listener to interpret for themselves. I think people really connect with a song when they come up with their own personal view about what the song is trying to convey. I feel that helps them relate it to their own personal life.

Me and Mike (Athrs) initially were connected by our managers. I had finished an acoustic version of the song and I was looking for a singer that fit it. My manager sent Mike the track and he sent back a rough copy of him singing over the instrumental. First time I listened to it, I was on the highway driving and I almost swerved off the road because I was so caught off guard by how good it was. We met up in the studio a week or two later and tracked the vocals. It’s now finished and I can’t wait to share this project with everyone.

-Christian Alexander

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