Contagious feat Snappy Jit – Nina Las Vegas


NLV Records drops another free download – this time one of Nina’s own productions – “Contagious’’ featuring Mad Decent’s Snappy Jit; a bass heavy, tribal track that is certainly as infectious as it’s title would have us believe.

From the very first spin, ‘Contagious’ is a straight up booty-dropping classic – Nina’s latest flex seamlessly blends a pulsating, killer bass hook with pitched-up, steaming vocals – augmenting classic genre rhythms to create a dancehall inspired, club-ready cut. The relentlessly pulsating kick drum and energetic claps act as a bombastic underpinning for Snappy Jit’s sizzling refrain and even during the breakdown, the ethereal synths leave the listener hungry for the tune to drop once again. The undulating energy and drums throughout ensure that Nina manages to maintain momentum until the very last beat and proves her capabilities as a champion innovator of ground-breaking, new, electronic dance music.

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