Double the Girl Power: Sensu enlists Ryck Jane for ‘Issues’


Sensu, a true sensory captivator, blends her background as a classically trained pianist with her years producing hip-hop beats to create a boundary shattering new sound. Sensu beckons listeners into her world, and launches them into a journey through the mind in her newest “Issues” ft. Ryck Jane. The third single from her debut album

“In the middle of the album process I was very inspired by Asian music and instruments. Due to the fact that my roots are in hip-hop music, I wanted to create a rap song for my album. I just mixed Asian and electronic sounds with hip-hop elements and thought about adding a female MC to make this track complete. A few years back when I still made sample based hip hop beats an MC from Los Angeles, Ryck Jane, hit me up to get a beat I made for her project. She’s amazingly talented and I thought she would perfectly match this track I made for my debut album, so I decided to hit her up to make a second feature happen. The song is called ‘Issues’ and is related to those individuals who deal with depression and how they cope with it.”
- Sensu

Sensu’s impressive trademark sound landed her major performances at renowned festivals such as Zurich Open Air, as well as tours with the likes of Pablo Nouvelle. Her label Quartz Records, freshly signed to Universal Music, boasts home for the artists’ full-length debut.

About Sensu:

Jasmin Peterhans, known by her stage name Sensu, is a music producer, musician, and live-act based in Baden, Switzerland. To simply call her a producer and electronic music performer doesn’t do justice to the dimension of her soundscapes and work. While her unique signature style borrows bits and pieces from experimental, electronica, and chillstep, a soulful warmth resonates from each of her productions that places them in a category all on their own.

As a teenager, Sensu discovered hip-hop, and the culture held her attention for several years. By 2012, though, the global resurgence of electronic music had influenced her to try her hand in producing more eclectic styles, expanding her creative horizons.

Sensu’s unmistakable trademark sound may well be the product of her uncommon production method. After building a melodic progression from a simple chord and fleshing out the high end of each arrangement, she then incorporates vocal samples and bass lines. Only when the rest of these pieces are in place, does she underscore them with a drum pattern. Instead of programming each one, she plays it on a drum pad to make sure the heartbeat of the track exudes as much of a human element as possible.

WIth her label Quartz Records being freshly signed to Universal Music, 2019 is undoubtedly going to strengthen Sensu’s profile as one of the most auspicious young electronic musicians around.

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