Franke – “Bad Tattoo” (ZAXX Remix)


ZAXX continues his 2018 musical evolution with a mind-bending remix of Franke‘s “Bad Tattoo,” out everywhere April 20. The Staten Island based producer stuns in his take on the track by showcasing his impressive ability to leave his own masterful mark on anything. ZAXX’s take on “Bad Tattoo” combines Franke’s punctuating pop vocals with beautiful ambient synths in the first drop. The second drop takes a complete 180 as ZAXX rattles listeners with grimly powerful bass. ZAXX’s “Bad Tattoo” remix is yet another stunning showcase of his musical talents and true versatility as an artist.

After releasing his remix of Cash Cash‘s “Jewel” two weeks ago, as well as his remix of The Chainsmokers‘ “Sick Boy,” — which the DJs even dropped during their Ultra mainstage closing set — ZAXX continues to prove that he is a real jack of all trades. His ability to rework tracks and leave his lasting personal imprint on them sets ZAXX apart. As we travel through 2018, make sure to keep an eye on ZAXX to find out where he truly belongs.

When Franke showed me ‘Bad Tattoo,’ I knew that I wanted to take it to a completely different place musically. I took his powerful vocals and added my own synths and booming basslines to take the track into a completely different light. Over all, it was an absolute pleasure to be able to create my own take on a friend like Franke’s song.

About ZAXX:
Greg Zaccagnino, the mastermind behind ZAXX, started making music during his early high school years and hasn’t looked back since. By his junior year, ZAXX had his first college tour under his belt. Since then, he’s collaborated with artists like KSHMR, released solo material on Tiesto’s imprint Musical Freedom, and accumulated millions of streams — over 20 million of which come from his remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Roses” alone. During a recent hiatus, ZAXX focused on producing music highlighting his true talents, whether that be producing timeless melodies or singing and writing his own songs. ZAXX’s musical evolution has taken place, and the world is ready to hear. Let’s see where ZAXX belongs.

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About Franke:
Franke is a pop writer/composer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He began competing & playing classical piano as a youth and eventually shifted his interest towards the detailed nuances of jazz. After writing a 12 song acoustic solo album at the age of 16 his innate passion for writing was set in stone. In the short time of his debut, Frankes music has garnered 20,000,000 plays combined worldwide, all of which have no features and have been independent releases. Franke has lended his writing talents to major shows like Star on FOX and Insecure on HBO. Franke is currently developing his own personal project which he describes as urban influenced pop music, or as he describes it “Hip-Pop”. With a wide array of influences spanning multiple genres and multiple musical decades, Franke is developing his own unique sound.

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