G-Eazy & Halsey – Him And I (Captain Remix)


Galo Rodriguez, aka Captain, describes the remix as a slower, more dark twist to the original. With elements reminiscent of early dubstep, the song rattles in the lower frequencies and has a vibe that you can’t help to bob your head to.  He says the song was really fun to create because they included some organic instruments in there.  “If you listen closely there’s some guitar pieces throughout the song that Andy, my music making partner, wrote for me to play. Initially, it had G-eazy, but we decided to keep the focus on Halsey.”

Captain’s remix of Halsey & G-Easy’s “Him and I” was creative and appreciated for the format.  The placement of elements worked well together and make the song very likable.  Of course, Halsey’s voice is the ethereal highlight.  There is potential for a larger impact when it comes to the big climbs and instrumental portions.  The remix falls short of giving goosebumps, which is so eagerly craved from this production.



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