Laura Brehm – Don’t Wait


Vocalist Laura Brehm Unveils “Don’t Wait”

First Solo Original Since 2011

Laura Brehm

“Don’t Wait”

Stream: HERE
Singer/Songwriter and Colorado native Laura Brehm is revealing more of her true potential with each song. As she continues to work with international producers and artists, Laura is bringing back her solo music, allowing her to showcase an increasingly sophisticated style of her own. Premiered via MrSuicideSheep and Genre Confused, “Don’t Wait,” Brehm’s newest release, marks her first solo project since 2011 and the uplifting tune is out now.
“I’m incredibly excited to present my solo project single “Don’t Wait” produced by Evoke. My first solo release since 2011 is about self-love and following your dreams. It’s just the beginning of what I hope to share in this folk-electronic format.”  – Laura Brehm

Combining her experiences from different realms of music so far, Laura’s new folk/electronic sound will bring the best pieces of her background to the forefront. Her innovative approach to songwriting and innate way of singing continues to dazzle and win over her steadily growing fan base. If you want to learn more about Laura, check out her most recent interview with Noiseporn or take a step into her world as you listen and enjoy the influences behind her artistry through this playlist for Fault Magazine.

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Laura Brehm - Don't Wait