RETROHANDZ “Charge Up” (feat. Richie Loop)


“Charge up” is a new collaboration with Richie Loop, one of the main Jamaican vocalists, and it perfectly represents their style: 160 Bpm, a mix between electronic music and soca which creates atmospheres like the Trinidad & Tobago carnival.

In the last two years they have released music on some of the most important electronic music labels as Dim Mak (Steve Aoki’s label), Wall Recordings (Afrojack’s label), Spinnin and many more.


This time Retrohandz choose to be totally independent, since they think that labels nowadays aren’t relevant in the path of an artist and they want to have the total control in each step of the creative process, from the sound design to the music concept, from the graphics to the promo.

“We think that the creative ideas of the artists may be distorted and ruined by the record industry. We start a new chapter of our career, we’ll release many singles and EPs with a new sound and we’ll manage each side regarding our releases, with the maximum attention at details on concept, sound and aesthetic.”

RETROHANDZ "Charge Up" (feat. Richie Loop)