Robotaki Unveils First Single of 2018: “Together We’re Screwed” (feat. Nevve)


At the cusp of a new year, one of the brightest talents in the electronic realm is poised to light up the scene once more. Proving his wizardry across genre, production mastermind Robotaki brings forth a lighthearted pop track elevated by the richly layered sound design we’ve come to expect from the Toronto native. Shimmering vocals by EDM mainstay Nevve dance atop twinkling synths and easygoing guitar, juxtaposed with the infectious energy of a heavy bassline. As easily suited for radio play as it is for inclusion in an energetic live set, “Together We’re Screwed” lets the elite producer spread his wings.

Listen to Together We’re Screwed

Following a massive 2017 which included shattering 10 million streams on Spotify alone, multiple sell outs on a 26-date co-headlining tour with Manila Killa, tastemaker media support from the likes of Huffington Post, Apple Music, and Spotify (New Music Friday, Fresh Electronic), Robotaki is at the top of his game. With a slew of releases and major announcements just across the horizon, keep your eyes on Robotaki.

“This song started as a remix but I loved the instrumental so much I wanted to keep it. We tried singer after singer but nothing clicked. One day Nevve sent over some ideas, and with her voice, it instantly clicked.  To me, the dynamic across the lows and highs in this track reflect the complexities of love, the tribulations of lust, and everything that falls in between.  The turn of the new year has me feeling good, and like now is the right time to put this out in to the world”

About Robotaki:

Robotaki is the production moniker of Preston Chin. The Toronto native came into the spotlight on the heels of his debut single “Ghostboy,” which hit global viral #1 on Spotify, #4 on Billboard Dance and #6 on Spotify U.S. Coming in to the spotlight with his top-tier remix work, and being recognized for his impeccable sounds, Preston Chin, the man behind the moniker has prepared himself to take on a much greater task. A task that entails enveloping the world with a powerful new take on funk and disco. A responsibility to brighten peoples days and to make people dance. A quest to bring a fresh musical experience to humans that has never been done before. After months in the studio crafting and harnessing forward thinking new sounds and ideas, Robotaki is now armed with an arsenal of exciting original material. Material that will change the world with its superior production. Records and experiences that will lead listeners to question, is he super human?

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