Rusty Hook – Relief


French artist Rusty Hook teams up with singer/producer duo Truitt for game-changing single, ‘Relief’. 

In the wake of his forthcoming debut solo EP Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance, French musician and producer Rusty Hook releases his first original off of the EP, “Relief.”  The EP’s lead single features singer/producer duo Truitt and is available now on DSPs via Moving Castle.

Through “Relief,” Rusty Hook creates a dynamic piece with a tasteful blend of pop, R&B and electronic elements. Life is given to the original with innovative and refreshing synths and melodies that wholly support Truitt’s lucid vocals, placing Rusty Hook in a category of his own.

“I’m so proud of ‘Relief’ – it has this R&B feel that I love, while it has this strong electronic side that you can hear in the second half of the song, making it very powerful and dynamic.”
– Rusty Hook

Over the years, Rusty Hook has established himself as a DIY artist. His passion and perseverance has transformed him into a master of creating all of his music from scratch – a primary theme throughout his forthcoming EP. He uses his own voice recordings for vocal chops and synths in addition to sampling his own guitar lines.

“I started making music in 2012 because I saw that Madeon ‘Pop Culture’ video. I asked for a Launchpad for Christmas and downloaded Ableton as soon as I received it.​ Then I started playing Pop Culture’ because I found a random project that was exactly the same as Madeon’s. Once I started to understand how Ableton worked, I started making my own music and ​began uploading demos ​to SoundCloud with the usernam​e​ ‘Rusty Hook'”
– Rusty Hook

Rusty Hook

About Rusty Hook:

Born and raised in Agen, a small town in the southwest of France, Guillaume Costes was rarely exposed to music due to its lacking presence among his community. Since he was a child, he has been glued to the internet as his sole platform for finding and listening to music. He would rely heavily on YouTube tutorials and artist interviews to teach himself how to produce/release songs. In 2013, the French artist adopted the alias Rusty Hook, a brand that’s centered around a divergent sound that draws upon alternative rock, US hip-hop, and French electronic music. With his tracks at a current standing of over 17 million streams, Rusty has earned the respect and praise of tastemakers like Skrillex, What So Not, Madeon, Porter Robinson, and more. His portfolio also includes being part of the Slow Hours group in France.

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