“Saved by the Summer” Remixes


Listen to South African trio GoodLuck‘s newest commissioned “Saved By The Summer” remixes by Perttu, Nebbra, and Jonas Vincent. With over eight #1 charting radio hits in South Africa out of 11 radio single releases in 4 years, and 5 SAMA Award nominations, the three-piece GoodLuck outfit radiates a dreamy, subtly seductive energy, which is part of the reason they have served as direct support for the likes of Pharrell WilliamsRobin Schulz, and Clean Bandit.

The first to step up for remix duties, Perttu keeps it smooth and subtle, straying away from harder electro nuances and choosing to surround the vocals with a bed of lush, flowing synthwork. Nebbra displays his deft technical flair in his offering, channeling the high-octane energy and futuristic sounds that have been making him a household name. Finally, Jonas Vincent lays down an impressive take, intertwining a new melody with intricate keywork.

Stream/Purchase: http://amzn.to/2ATi7lb

GoodLuck Bio:

GoodLuck is an award-winning electronic band from South Africa, who have achieved  an astonishing 8 radio #1 charting hits in just 4 years. GoodLuck are known for their incredible live show, pushing the boundaries of live electronic performance with their use of drum machines, synthesizers, electronic percussion, saxophone and vocal performance. GoodLuck’s latest release, “Thinking About You” is signed to Ultra Records and has seen exciting traction on both Spotify and Soundcloud since releasing in April of ’17.