SMLE feat. Helen Tess – Happiness



feat. Helen Tess


For their label debut on The Bearded Man, SMLE have once again joined forces with long-time collaborator Helen Tess. ‘Happiness’, the Miami-based duo’s brand-new single, saw its release today.

Overflowing with feel-good vibes and delicious rhythms, ‘Happiness’ is what’s got the world buzzing incessantly. Featuring Helen Tess, who provides the lovely vocals, this brand-new production of SMLE will adorn the faces of all of their listeners with an ear-to-ear grin and a look of satisfaction. If music does that to you, you’ve hit the million-dollar jackpot.

Listen to: SMLE feat. Helen Tess – Happiness

A project six years in the making, SMLE is a live electronic production duo from Miami, Florida, composed of childhood friends growing up around music. The duo kicked off 2017 by seeing their track ‘By My Side’ featured on Zed’s Dead’s first-ever ‘Deadbeats’ compilation album and launch huge single ‘Overflow’ (also in collaboration with Helen Tess), racking up well over a million streams on Spotify alone. Recent single ‘Stranded’ was made in collaboration with Dutch upstart sensation WRLD, whom they also co-headlined the subsequent ‘Stranded’ tour with, hitting twelve cities across the U.S..


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