UPRIZE makes his Lowly Palace debut with “Let U Go”


Hailing from lush Vancouver Island, British Columbia, visionary young producer UPRIZE makes his Lowly Palace debut with “Let U Go.” The moody and sensual track richly exhibits the experimental sound design that is the producer’s hallmark. Now a freshman at the University of Washington, UPRIZE is quietly creating a stir in the electronic scene with his thoughtful, organic compositions. “Let U Go” mesmerizes the ear, bouncing between lo-fi and Eastern influence, momentarily switching up with a slick double-time tempo flip. The sole vocal sample is a haunting female voice crooning “I gotta let you go,” cascading atop sonic elements vaguely reminiscent of the calming sounds of nature.

Canadian newcomer UPRIZE

debuts his soulfully organic sound design on

“Let U Go”

“It’s impossible for you to take your life, your work, and your relationship to where you truly want them to be if you are not willing to be uncomfortable in the process.”


The artist known was UPRIZE was born in Taiwan, and moved to Vancouver Island, British Colombia when he was in 4th grade. Now a freshman at the University of Washington, the self-taught producer never fully dove into traditional instrumental training, save for two years of long-forgotten elementary school piano. He first learned of producing when he received an Ableton Launchpad for his 16th birthday, and begin looking deeper into the art of electronic composition. With inspiration spanning from young mogul Martin Garrix, to experimental producers of the likes of Kasbo, Electric Mantis, Medasin, and Galimatias, UPRIZE pushes the boundaries of his own sound design by constantly evolving.

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