Stella McCartney does Adidas: 10 Pieces for EDM Enjoyment

Stella McCartney Does Adidas 10 Pieces for EDM Enjoyment

The great thing about athleisure is that it’s designed for movement.  When you pair athleisure with festival attire, you can count on the clothes to work for you, not against you.  I found a few pieces from Stella McCartney’s new Adidas line to be appealing and convenient for my EDM adventures and yours too.  The whole collection represents fashion and function.

Encompassing high-performance gear across disciplines including running, yoga, cycling, tennis and swimming, Adidas by Stella McCartney mirrors its designer namesake in an unrivaled ability to fit and flatter the female body. Known for its vibrant prints, sleek lines and precision fit, the ever-innovative line lends both athletic appeal and slick sophistication to contemporary workout wardrobes.

Workout wardrobe & Festival FashionSweat is something we all do at an outdoor event.  Dressing in clothes that you’ll feel comfortable in while enduring the heat can be tricky because you still have to look cute, right??  Here’s a few bottoms from the new Stella McCartney Collection for Adidas that we think would accommodate a fashion forward festive top and still allow your body to breathe at a packed night club or at a humid outdoor festival.  The yellow cropped tights are $65.00, the middle pictured, Run Long Tights, are $99.00, the black sculpting fit and mesh paneled work leggings are $100.00 and pictured last are the black and white Training Leggings, $95.00.

Stella McCartney Adidas Cropped Tights

Cropped Tights

Stella McCartney Adidas Run Long Tights

Run Long Tights

Stella McCartney Adidas Train Work Leggings

Train Work Leggings

adidas by Stella McCartney Women's Training Leggings

Training Leggings

I went to EDC Vegas one year and made the mistake of wearing open toed sandals…. I wish I would have worn closed toed shoes with a comfortable sole.  I went with stylish sandals instead of a shoe made to support my feet, which was not a good idea for attending a fest where I was going to be standing on my feet for 10 hours.  On the walk up to the entrance gate I was walking over softball sized rocks and kicking around sand with every step up to the race top.  I remember that specifically because with every step I was cursing myself.  From Sella’s newest collection I thought these shoes would be ideal because they are designed for a workout and even have mesh padding inside.

I’ll admit these picks are a bit pricey but keep in mind these are made for all athletic activities. You’ll be able to get more use from these than just from festivals. (Duh.)

In black, grey and white, are the Ultra Boost Sneakers, $220.00.  Second pictured is the Ultra Boost X Sneakers, $220.00.  The stylish orange finish is formed with a lightweight sock-like mesh upper.  The third pair below is the Adizero Adios Sneakers, $170.00, and has a textured foam sidewall. Last pictured is the Adizero XT Sneakers, $170.00.  They are equipped with micro grips on the soles and the futuristic upper feels lightweight and airy.

Stella McCartney Adidas Ultra Boost Sneakers

Ultra Boost Sneakers

Stella McCartney Adidas Ultra Boost X Sneakers

Ultra Boost X Sneakers

adidas by Stella McCartney Women's Adizero Adios Sneakers

Adizero Adios Sneakers

Adizero XT Sneakers

Adizero XT Sneakers

If your not into wearing large, loud, or clear fanny packs, Stella designed this cute little running bag that you could bring to a fest.  It’s not obvious that you are wearing a fanny pack and it’s extremely conveniently for your cash and ID.  This run belt, in pink and yellow, has a decent design that certainly wont get in your way while bouncing around to Zeds Dead or shuffling to Oliver Heldens. The Yellow Run Belt, $22.00, is almost sold out as of now and the Pink Run Belt, $27.50, still is in stock.

Stella McCartney Adidas Run Belt - Yellow

Run Belt – Yellow

Stella McCartney Adidas Run Belt - Pink

Run Belt – Pink