Steve Aoki on his degree in Feminist Studies

Steve Aoki - The Untitled Magazine - Photography by Indira Cesarine

Steve Aoki – The Untitled Magazine – Photography by Indira Cesarine

I come from this very politically conscious community in my music world. I’m in school, I want to educate myself on how to advocate for these issues that I’m learning about. How can I really make a difference? Not just reading books, but actually making serious, vital change and the most radical department on the campus was the Women’s Studies department. My favorite teachers were Women’s Studies teachers. I would take a class and when you’re fourth year, or fifth year—I stayed one more year while I finished my degree in Women’s Studies— you end up becoming friends with the professors. It’s no longer a student/professor relationship, I mean it is, but you go beyond that. I remember when professors were inviting me to dinner just to have an intellectual conversation. I learned a lot. The classes were small. The Sociology department was big. The Women’s Studies department was like twenty students and only two guys.

-Steve Aoki

This was an interesting share from Steve Aoki.  This comment was pulled from his interview with Indira Cesarine> STEVE AOKI ON THE POWER OF NOW, FEMINIST STUDIES AND HIS NEON FUTURE ODYSSEY – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW