Sunset Music Festival~ Lexi Young Red Bull Edition

Lexi Young SMF Wings Team-1

What’s up all of my Sunset ravers? It’s about that time when Summer withdrawals start to kick in as we enter Fall, but about those Sunset Music Festival withdrawals?! I don’t know about the rest of you, but reminiscing on this magical festival has me wanting to press “rewind” and do it all over again. My experience at the Sunset Music Festival this year was different than most and I am forever indebted to Red Bull North America for the opportunities I got to have while working for them on the Wings Team. We were given free bands to enter into the festival with VIP passes that gave us the most clutch views for those we wanted to see most! With our Red Bull can backpacks on our backs and huge smiles, we threw out cold cans at the beginning of each main stage set.

We all know there’s tons and tons of Red Bull fiends out there and what better place than a festival to distribute some of the best energy drinks out there?! My boss said it best, “this is the time and place to spread your wings, so go do it!” This is no location that feels more like home than a festival and I felt honored that in that moment I was able to help others have an even better time by simply placing some wings in their hand- not that Louis The Child wasn’t satisfying enough with their contagious energy and good vibes.

The grapefruit edition was the perfect beverage for this excursion to get everyone pumped for the sets to come. With the videographer A.Tomp tagging behind and candy on our wrists, we felt invincible as we swiftly ran through the crowd distributing the cans. Being a music lover myself, I felt like the luckiest duck being able to not only get backstage, but hear some of my favorite artists of all time. This was the experience of a lifetime and this was only one of the many that working for Red Bull gave me. Having that job coupled with adventures like this allowed me to grow and further develop my passion for music and EDM.

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