Swedish House Mafia Epidural

Swedish House Mafia Epidural

Yea you read right. My Swedish House Mafia epidural experience, though it felt like a dream, it really happened. I occurred some back and neck injuries from a car accident back in February. 30+ some physical therapy and chiropractic sessions later, the hernias in my spine are still flaring up. So I decided to take the next step in recovery and have an epidural spinal injection. I woke up today at 5am. After a quick bath and letting the dogs out, I took a quick bath and applied some concealer, pressed powder, and mascara. I figured I would want to look somewhat cute when waking up from anesthetic.

I jumped in the uber and made my way to the surgery center. There was some water shame thrown my way from the staff for drinking water before I came into the center, but my doctor came to the rescue by saying it was fine because he preferred his patients to not be fully out when he performs the injections. Boom water shamers! Hahaaaaa.

So the anesthesiologist gets his gas game on with me in the room as I hear Swedish House Mafia “Don’t you worry child” playing from the nurse estheticians. I’m all of a sudden super talkative, like, “Hayyyy, who likes THIS music?!?!” I don’t even know what the response was but one of them turned the music up. My doctor asked me to turn over on the table, face down so he had access to my neck.

I continued to ramble about Swedish House Mafia. I’m chillin hard core and shooting the shit with myself out load when my doctor said I had to stop talking because I was moving my head. Whoops. I may or may not have been able to follow instructions. I can picture the 9 staff in the room all looking at each other and whispering amongst themselves that the gas needed to be increased.

When I came to, I was in a separate bed with a different nurse, out of the operating room, feeling totally comfortable and happy. Before I knew it, I was being wheeled out to my ride home. Luckily, my Roomate was able to pick me up. I got in the car and remembered the Swedish House Mafia experience…. omg. I told him about it and how I prob embarrassed myself in front of all these esthetician dudes and my doctor. We just laughed.

I passed out when I got home as “Don’t you Worry Child” played in my head on repeat. Got up, had some chocolate chip pancakes at Cracker Barrell, and am sitting at home now thinking about what a dork I am. Well, at least my stories aren’t boring.

Peace out. Swedish House Mafia for life!