sXs Presents “Stuffed” Event, Interview with Alec Suarez 


sXs’s “Stuffed” Event Interview

With Representative Alec Suarez 

sXs Presents “Stuffed” on Wednesday, November 22nd at The Orpheum in Ybor

A.Re: So, you picked the day before Thanksgiving and that’s how you came up with the theme, “Stuffed?”

Alec: Exactly and it goes onto the ‘Pass the Beats’ kind of thing.

A.Re: What is ‘Pass the Beats’?

Alec: ‘Pass the Beats’… We just thought it was a catchy saying. Ya know, like pass the beets- as in food. “Stuffed” is the day before Thanksgiving and we were just going to do a normal theme, but we knew everyone would be coming into town for the holiday. People our age also never really get the chance to donate. At this event, you’re actually able to donate canned foods at the door.  For every can you donate, you’ll receive a dollar off admission, up to 10 cans.  Metropolitan Ministries was the first charity we contacted to get involved.  We were both very eager to work with each other on this event!

At the event, door tickets are probably going to be around $30-35 so people can bring around 10-15 cans which would then make the ticket around $20-25.

A.Re: So is it more beneficial to wait and buy a ticket at the door rather than a hard copy?

Alec: If you’d to bring in that many cans and donate towards an amazing cause, than yes! The doors open around 8pm so people can always come early if they’d like.

A.Re: If people want to buy a hard copy ticket, how do they go about doing so?

Alec: They can go right to the sXs Presents event page on Facebook or contact Women of EDM correspondent, Lexi Young.  It is also on Eventbrite but those tickets are more expensive.

A.Re: How is Metropolitan Ministries sponsoring your event?

Alec: They’re labeled for everything we do for the event regarding posters ads, flyers, Facebook posts, you name it. I’m actually talking with Fox News because they’re involved with Metropolitan Ministries as well.  We all love the idea of donating food for a great cause.  It’s going to be a keewwwwwlll thing!

A.Re: What came first, the charity idea or the event planning?

Alec: The event first. That’s how it usually starts and then other factors come into play.

A.Re: How did you pick your venue?

Alec: The Orpheum sort of just popped into our heads.  Daniel Alexander, sXs president, had an event there about a year ago and knew it was a great location.  The acoustics are awesome.

A.Re: Once you got approval from the Orpheum and the backing from Metropolitan Ministries, what came next?

Alec: We started by looking at artists who hasn’t visited Tampa in a long time. We thought about which ones would make a great collaboration team.  Bonnie X Clyde was the original choice, and then Vincent and Nitti Gritti came on after that. We decided to add more people to the roster, like local Florida talent, to make it that more special.

A.Re: Who Is Vincent?

Alec: Vincent is a California DJ from LA.

A.Re: What is the music genre theme of the night?

Alec: It’s really all over the place when it comes to the local support and Nitti Gritti who I know throws in some rock music.  Vincent is more of a future based DJ and Bonnie and Clyde is kind of like a pop-EDM genre. It’s for everybody and will appeal to people of all interests.

A.Re: What are you looking to achieve with this event?

Alec: Well, all proceeds are going straight to Metropolitan Ministries and we’re covering our end for the DJs and expenses, but every cent is going towards that cause and giving everyone the opportunity to have an awesome time!

A.Re: Awesome! Well thank you Alec for speaking with me and on behalf of Women of EDM, we wish the best of luck to you and the sXs team! It’s an amazing thing when someone helps allow the beauty of music to not only feed our souls, but to feed the stomachs of those in need through Metropolitan Ministries!

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Full Lineup:

Bonnie X Clyde will be joining Nitti Gritti and Vincent along with: