Test of Character: Shaun Frank

La La Land Ring Set on Shaun Frank

I went out to Clearwater, Florida on Sunday August 12, 2016 to catch up with Shaun Frank and some friends. Because he was scheduled to play at 9pm on the beach at Shepards, he booked a 7am flight out to LA for work the following morning.  So I’m running late (what’s new?) and before I head out I got a call from a friend, Lindy, saying Shaun’s time got pushed back to midnight and he’s now playing inside. Apparently the beach weather was less than appealing and the promoter opted for a dry location, inside Shepards at The Wave Nightclub. I’m excited because now I’m not going to miss any of Shaun’s set and I was looking forward to hangin before the music began; and also, I’ve never been inside the nightclub.

A. Re, Lindy aka UNBR8KABL, Shaun, Danny

A. Re, Lindy aka UNBR8KABL, Shaun, Danny

I arrive on cue as Lindy and Below Deck Mediterranean’s Danny are walking out to greet me. We head up to Shaun’s room and everyone gets reacquainted for an hour or so. All of us never get to hang on a regular basis but it feels like no time has gone by at all since we all last hung out in May.  After getting to know tour manager, Max, and catching up on what’s new and good in everyone’s lives we start down to the club for a few drinkies.

Upon arrival, we find out all the tables were sold out except for the 14 person one reserved for Shaun. As we are about to be seated, the promoter approaches Shaun and says that there’s a group that would like to buy the table. Of course, Shaun can say no because the table was on his rider, but he graciously says yes. The promoter extended his personal table to the group and thanked Shaun for his generosity.

Shaun Frank playing at Moonrise Festival

Shaun Frank playing at Moonrise Festival

We are a fun group so no one minded sharing and meeting new people is always a blast! I was very interested to watch Shaun’s demeanor for this particular show. It’s always an adjustment to play for a MASSIVE crowd one night and then be in front of a drastically smaller crowd after. Not that the club we were at was tiny, but I can see how going from huge crowd to smaller crowd could initially be disappointing, I guess?  Though the club didn’t have thousands of people, it had amazing energy. It was so cool to watch people approach Shaun for pictures and see aspiring producers pass him zip drives.  It must be such a satisfying feeling to know that people respect your craft enough to ask you to judge their own creations.

Shaun FrankThe plus side to having Shaun Frank play to a smaller crowd: A super personal set!!! Shaun, of course, played everyone’s favs, like ‘Shades of Grey’, ‘LALA Land’, and ‘Limitless’, but we also got some hip hop and discoooooooo! Be jealous.

While he was behind the booth I got some dance lessons from deck hand Danny and our new friend Jordan.  That was totally fun; though, the raddest part of the night was after the show.  It was the first time I got to be in on some very important A&R action. Shaun spoke earlier at Full Sail University and was given zip drives from people there, and he had some from the show he just played. When we got back to the room we all stood around the computer and actually browsed through all the tracks on the drives.

The Guys

Lindy aka UNBR8KABL, Nerd Rage, Shaun Frank, Max

YES, that’s right….If you give Shaun Frank a zip drive of your music he will listen to it!!! There’s no promises he will get back to you with comments; though, if he loves it, you will definitely get a personal phone call from him ; )

Shaun FrankThat’s the life of a DJ in demand. All over the place, all the time. Natural grinders never rest. This particular night I was really impressed with Shaun’s character. He could have bitched and complained about the change in location AND change of time, not allowed the promoter to sell his rider table, and he could have stuck his nose up at the different size crowd. But he didn’t.  He turned up behind the booth and took time to pose in pictures after the show.  That’s great character. Whoop Whoop!SF Quotes