The Black Madonna Shares Her Skincare Secrets

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Posted originally on The Black Madonna’s Instagram, here is what she has to say about her skin care regimen on the road.

Second only to track ID’s, I get an oddly large number of questions, from both gals and guys, about skincare on the road.  I’m stuck in an airport now on no sleep whatsoever so I’ll share a couple of things with you. Sleepless nights and planes and all the other things that come with the job can make you look as tired as you feel.

Aside from regular massages and facials and gallons of water, I am a devotee of @aesopskincare products, @bellapierreofficial bb cream, micellar water and my number one secret weapon Ooh La Lift from @benefitcosmetics who also make a ton of the other amazing products.

I’m forty so I try to take care of myself as best I can and not look like the dead dog I often feel like. But more than anything having little rituals when traveling is a massive key to sanity, past any effect the routine has on this old face. And never underestimate the power of an ice pack for headaches, puffy face and general tiredness. Here’s my, I’ve-been-up-for-2-days face, slapped together in an airport bathroom straight from the club.

I’ll try and answer some of the more specific questions the next time I’m bored in an airport. But now, off to Croatia for Love International!!!✈️?✌?? 




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The Aesop skincare products are NOT cheap,

but The Black Madonna believes in them.

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The Bellapierre BB Cream is appropriately priced.

They are around $20 and can be found HERE.


The Black Madonna Says this product is her secret weapon.

Ooh La Lift is an Under Eye Concealer and is also appropriately priced

from $13-$25, depending on the size. View HERE.

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