Life in Color – Orlando

The In-Crowd was Literally in the Crowd


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After reflecting on my experience at Life in Color, I realized this was an event I wished I had been in the crowd. I watched from the side of the stage this year. The only part of the fest I could see was the people directly in front of the stage. I had no view of the cool led panels or the DJ’s as they performed. I didn’t get to feel the energy of the crowd first hand, nor get to play in the paint! Seeing the fans front and center at the event made me feel so envious. They were clearly having much more fun than I.

Girls on shoulders were screaming with excitement and splashing paint from bottles they were given. No one cared that it had been drizzling all night because they were there to get dirty from the neon colors exploding out of the paint canons. Even the security guards between the front row and the stage had their hands in the air to the beat of the music. I was so envious.

I did for a few minutes get to chat with Big Makk and his crew in the green room after their set. They were adrenaline raging from their set.

Back out on the side, I was able to see the aerial performers as they hung from the top of the stage. Paint, confetti and fireworks decorated the sky in an orchestrated manner.

O-town native, Henry Fong, knew exactly what to play for his city. He was really chill in the green room but turned up as soon as he climbed the stage stairs. I love the flame artists ignite when it’s time to entertain.

Showtek ended the colorful evening. The audience instantly let go of any reserve and put their arms up to the Dutch brothers’ electronic tunes.

Life in Color Orlando delivered. Those that came out to play in the neon paint went home “Satisfied” like Vassey ; )

Special thanks to Paul Reed and Eric Fuller.
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~A. Re