The Moment You Fell In Love With EDM

We wanted to take a second to share the spotlight with Marco Gollotto.  He recently shared this story with Women of EDM.  It was so moving, we asked if we could post it.

 It’s moments like these that characterize EDM culture.

It was 2013, the first year TomorrowWorld held their event in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.  Campers could attend DreamVille, a day earlier than the official festival began, on Thursday, September 26th, which was the date of my 21st birthday.  When I saw this, I knew it was the perfect and only way to celebrate.

I remember my older brother and I on the phone together during the moment passes went on sale.  He was in school in Vermont and I was home in New Jersey.  We each had 2-3 computers logged in to ensure our chances; and though TomorrowWorld and DreamVille are 21 and up, we purchased the tickets knowing we would arrive on Thursday, my birthday.  This was going to be one special trip.

It took about 15+ hours for my brother and I to drive down to Georgia.  We got to the festival grounds, parked the car, and brought our stuff to the entrance gates.  Not only was this our first camping festival, this was also our first time ever camping; which added another level to our bonding experience and excitement for the both of us.

As soon as we got to the line to get in we knew it was going to be a memorable weekend because everyone around us, people from all over the world, were ready to have just as good of a weekend as us.  As we approached the entrance of TomorrowWorld, we were asked to show identification and have our gear checked.  We let them search our stuff and proceeded to hand our licenses over.  My brother, who was 22 at the time, had his ID scanned first.  Then, the lady took my ID, scanned it, and showed me what the screen said.

Displayed in huge blinking letters all over the screen was: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.  She turned to the mass crowd surrounding the check-in gates, announced it was my birthday, and asked everyone to start singing.

All of the people in line began singing “Happy Birthday” to me!

It was amazing.  Having that happen AND being able to see artists like Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Yves V, Pete Tong, Hardwell, Carnage and Tiesto, really opened my eyes to the music industry.  I will never forget those four days at TomorrowWorld.

Marco 2013 TW