The Worst Part of Lollapalooza

The Worst Part of Music Festivals

Generally, the worst part of any festival experience is when you have to use the bathroom facilities.  You literally have to brace yourself as you open the port-a-potty door because you know you’re about to encounter the sight and smell of human shit. For the ladies, it is a balancing act to squat and hoover over the gaping hole. If you’re like me, you also always choose the one with no toilet paper so you have to drip dry. I can’t even fathom how difficult it would be to take a child to use the bathroom. You’d have to perform some circus act to ensure your child doesn’t touch any part of the nastiness going on inside there.  Throw into the equation that it’s pitch black at night AND the heat can turn that thing into a sweat box. Super eww.

there was no “worst part” of Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza Toilets

To my delight, there was no “worst part” at Lollapalooza because they removed the gross port-o-potties and replaced them with stall-like receptacles that were clean, stocked with toilet paper, they flushed, and they each had a light!!!! Ohhhhh mahhhh gawwddd!!! I had to take pictures to show how nice this bathroom feature was…

Lolla bathroom

Lollapalooza was the first C3 Presents event that I’ve attended.   It’s impressive that C3 put the effort into making even General Admission attendees feel comfortable and clean.  They also had separate urinal facilities, which basically helped eliminate the time you had to wait for an open stall.

Thank you so much C3 Presents!

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