“There are so many Badass Girls”

Charlie XCX
Photo courtesy of Myles Standish Pettengill III

Probably how there’s this assumption that females do less in the music industry, whether it comes to writing their own songs or doing their own music videos or being just generally in control of their own projects. I feel like there’s just always a doubt in people’s minds, and you have to set the record straight, which is frustrating and annoying. There are so many badass girls, and I feel like you can’t really even be an artist in 2017 without having ultimate control over everything you do.

Charlie XCX‘s response when L.A.-based photographer, Myles Pettengill, asked them the question: What’s the hardest thing about coming up in the music industry as a woman?

Pettengill was at the 10th annual Hard Summer Music Festival to capture some of the female performers on camera and to hear them out.

Original article published by BEN BARNA on Nylon, HERE.