This is What Happens When I Get Involved at Club Events *Video*

Michael Calfan experienced an exciting light show, as I was behind the Treasured Soul-whiteout.  *Video Below* Always looking for the next entertaining thing, I found myself in the light booth during Michael’s set. Even though it felt powerful to control the system, my favorite part of the night was spending time with Michael and his girlfriend, Justine, before and after the show.  They have an admirable relationship; keeping no distance between them, as she is his tour manager when he’s on the road.
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Can’t wait to see them at TomorrowWorld!



As always, thank you to everyone with Alliance Events & Nightlife and The Attic, especially Harris : )

The talent Alliance has delivered is sincerely appreciated.  Check back for updates of there events and an exclusive sit down interview with the team on Women of EDM TV.
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