This One Night with Skrillex

After a Skrillex Show I find myself and two girlfriends hanging with the most colorful crowd of people in a large conference room rendered green room. Socializing with artists, VIPs and event organizers grows static so I decide to turn the space into a performance area for gymnastics and yoga demonstrations. Cartwheels and round-offs were semi successful, as my body’s attempts to maintain balance were challenged by lack of stable equilibrium. Yoga tripods were more entertaining and turned into a group activity, clearly a team Skrillex favorite. Instagram photos after his next show proved his extended interest in continuing the post-show yoga routine.
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skrillex yoga instagram

But a night that ends with yoga isn’t exactly climactic.  The remaining group, Skrillex included, pile onto a party bus, destination: Strip Club.  Wraps of ones and fives are passed to me which, of course, I launch like fireworks into the neon and black light illuminated club.

At club closing I’m about partied out.  Nothing a little power nap on the ride to the hotel couldn’t fix.  As the bus doors open, its game on!

Elevator ride up to the room Skrillex compliments my bad ass Adidas high tops and helps me put them back on.  When we get to his room the group has dwindled down to his couple of friends traveling with him, my two friends, and I.

Did I mention I had been suffering from Diverticulosis?  It’s basically when pockets form on the digestive track walls, which feels like a terrible case of indigestion. The alcohol, bottle of Pepto, and box of Gas-ex masked the pain but now their effects were wearing off and I began experiencing major discomfort again. As I’m leaning forward clenching my stomach, Skrillex comforts me with a pat on the back and a reassuring, “it’s okay to fart, just go in the bathroom.”

His friends retreat to their rooms and the four of us take over the bed and sprawl out on our stomachs. We talk about Dennis Rodman, watch You Tube whale rescue documentaries, and listen to music. Skrillex decides to plays us something he’s currently working on. He says he only has the vocals recorded and is creating the rest of the track with Diplo. Immediately, I can tell its Justin Bieber singing. After the first couple of lines comes this low pitch, auto-tuned, “where are you now.” Seriously, hearing that only, not as the epically successful completed version, was highly alarming and made me feel like it was a creepy old man inquiring “where are you now?”

The awkward moment from my initial reaction of “ewwww,” was overshadowed when I accidentally rolled off the bed. Hilarious. A definite indication it was time for bed.

One of the girls slept on the couch while us other three drifted off to sleep in the bed to a selection of tunes Skrillex plays while he ZZzzz’s.  In the morning, he’s gone.  He messages he’s in his tour bus.  We thank him for a wild experience and for the black hoodies he gifted us the previous evening.

I didn’t expect anything less from a night out with Skrillex.  He brought the crazy and our energy levels complimented each other.  This event was definitely A. Re Approved.
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