Tinashe Would Like to See More Female Representation in Music

Photo courtesy of Myles Standish Pettengill III

I think there’s initially a lot of competition between female artists that’s not only created by the artists but also by the fans, mostly because they are just so few and far between, and I think that there are an overwhelming amount of male artists than there are female artists. That representation in music is something that I’d like to see more of, and I think, with that, there will be less of that competitive spirit. There’s room for everyone, for sure.

Tinashe’s response when L.A.-based photographer, Myles Pettengill, asked them the question: What’s the hardest thing about coming up in the music industry as a woman?

Pettengill was at the 10th annual Hard Summer Music Festival to capture some of the female performers on camera and to hear them out.

Original article published by BEN BARNA on Nylon, HERE.

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