Today Moogfest Honors Suzanne Ciani

Crowds roared and conversations combined for new synergy in our future thought (daytime) and future sound (night time) program.

Today Moogfest Honors Suzanne Ciani w/ The Moog Innovation Award

Ableton Live founder and 1/2 of German techno outfit Monolake presented on the subject of the studio as an instrument and a musical education revolution. Michael Stipe unfolded his ideas on music, sound, and art. Princess Nokia wowed the crowd with futuristic rhythms and also introduced her two children to the audience. Animal Collective tore open new dimensions of sonic bliss. And last but not least, Derrick May took it all back home by us moving our bodies and minds at the Armory.

We’ve reached the halfway mark. Day 3 begins NOW.




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