Boombox Cartel Interview


Maddie Hastings from Women of EDM interviews Boombox Cartel in Tampa, Florida on January 26, 2018.

I’ve always had a dream of interviewing and meeting different artists and that dream finally came true when I had the opportunity to interview Americo from Boombox Cartel. My interview with Americo made me realize a few things: one, no matter how nervous you may think you are, the artist can be just as nervous, two, they’re regular people just like me, and three, that this was something I could really be good at. Before I walked into the green room of The Ritz in Tampa, my heart was beating out of my chest. I couldn’t believe that my dreams were about to come true, that I was about to interview my first artist.

To avoid being anxious, I started conversing with Americo about local food places and his most recent encounter with Jimmy John’s where they delivered his food on a bike, and how that was so cool to him. Then, the camera got set up and I got the jitters again as the interview started. Americo must have been just as nervous because he forgot his name a few times. That made me laugh because he’s used to performing in front of audiences of all sizes.

During the interview, I started to love Boombox Cartel even more because of the way Americo talked about their passion for creating good vibes. When Americo described how they wanted this tour to be expressed through a story line with more visuals and a nice environment, I instantly felt a bigger connection with them. To me, music means a lot and the environment you listen to the music in is important. If you don’t surround yourself with people you vibe with, it can sometimes take away from your experience.

When we finished recording the interview video, I hung around to catch Boombox Cartel’s show. I was so impressed with the event. The guys accomplished what they set out to create because their music and the visuals really did reveal a story. I ended the night with a sore neck from the amount of head banging…but it was well worth it!

~Maddie Hastings

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