Elle Exxe – Catapult Music Video


Elle Exxe just premiered her 2D video for Catapult.

Emerging from the underground, Scottish electro pop star Elle Exxe releases her self-directed video for her latest single ‘Catapult’. The video, which premiered yesterday at an intimate but epic performance at MAC’s flagship store in London, uses clever makeup and fashion to explore how people can view each other in two dimensions and prescribes a solution for the problem.

“My ‘Catapult’ music video is a visual representation highlighting the way we look at each other as 2-dimensional,” Elle says. “Too often people define and judge one another based on basic outlines ­– what clothes someone wears, who they’re friends with, what colour their skin is etc. Those judgements become beliefs – creating the same kind of instinct that tells you when something is flat or has depth. I wanted to mess with people’s minds in video format by creating a 2D illusion with high-contrast black and white makeup and clothing.”

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Transforming herself as well as her crew into 2D representations, Elle’s performance at MAC proved to be anything but boring black and white stereotypes.  Elle expressed “I think its kinda sad that we make up stories of what someone’s life might have been just by the way they look…I think its time we start to try and get to know each other and get to know people outside of our circle. “

Earlier in November, the fearsome artist made a dramatic entrance with her majestic and self-produced, synth-infused single ‘Catapult,’ a hypnotic, widescreen pop anthem with soaring energy, filtered through Elle’s riotous vocals and snarly rap. Filled with irresistible hooks and choruses, the euphoric rush of ‘Catapult’ and the innovative storytelling of her video provide a tantalizing preview of what’s to come of from this dynamic artist in 2018.

Elle Exxe - Catapult Music VideoRising stealthily through the ranks these last two years, the bolshy singer – who released her debut LP  ‘Love Fuelled Hate’ last year – has built a reputation as one of most irresistible and creative new stars of today. The Unsigned Music Award Winner (2016) has been steadily winning over fans on the road, selling out venues in America, Asia and Europe, and performing at Wide Days, The Great Escape, Canadian Music Week, and SXSW. This summer, Elle’s fearsomely unique attitude stormed festivals including Isle Of Wight Festival, Sziget Festival, Carnival 56 and V Festival(which she cancelled her own wedding to attend).

Elle’s genre-melding, guitar-inflected singles have quickly gained her fans in the UK and support from tastemakers The Quietus, The Guardian and Popjustice and BBC Introducing. Her single ‘Lost In L.A’ landed a major international sync on Google Play’s ‘Mobile Listening’ 2016 campaign.

“I don’t feel my job as a pop-artist is to make myself or anyone else feel comfortable, it’s my job to create something that can instigate a conversation about a subject that matters,” Elle believes. “What matters to me is that we start caring more about each other. Frank Warren said, ‘Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world,’ and I agree.  It’s time we stop judging and criticizing everyone on face-value and start taking the time to go outside our little communities and learn about each other.” 

Elle Exxe will be touring in the US this March.

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